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  • Qmatic provides Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait with industry-leading Self-Service Kiosks

    Through the implementation of Qmatic’s customer journey management solution, ABK will be able to decrease wait times and enhance the level of service to its clients in a secure manner, enabling greater efficiency for staff and management.

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  • Qmatic Introduces Next Generation of Touch Screen Self-service Kiosk

    The enhanced version of Qmatic Intro 8 is developed to improve fulfillment of customer needs throughout the customer journey. Qmatic Intro 8 does so by presenting different services - from appointment check-ins to simply providing a ticket to get in line. The kiosk’s broad range of use ultimately decreases wait times and increases customer satisfaction for a wide range of services, improving overall customer experience as well as staff efficiency.

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  • Qmatic hires Richard Gowin to its German office in Bocholt

    Richard will replace Timur Citlak and will in his role as Sales and Business Development Executive focus on the retail sector. Richard has international experience and extensive consumer knowledge with previous experience from senior leadership positions in global software companies such as Reflexis and Automic Software and will with his expertise greatly strengthen Qmatic’s global team.

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  • Qmatic’s new HQ – a space for innovation, teamwork, and people

    With a total office space of more than 15,00 square feet spread over two floors, the new headquarters is filled with the latest technologies designed to support, promote, and facilitate cooperation and communication between coworkers.

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  • Manchester Metropolitan Revolutionizes the Student Experience with Qmatic

    As part of a £400m investment program into the university, Manchester Met chose to team up with Qmatic to revolutionize its Student Services – the Student Hub. The Student Hub deals with a wide variety of student enquiries, such as Accommodation, Coursework, Enrollment, Fees, Timetables, Moodle, ID Cards as well as specialist student support. And with over 250,000 visits to the Student Hubs each year, 7000 on a weekly basis, the student hub is a vital part of the student journey at the university.

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  • Qmatic hosts its first training session in South America

    In Qmatic’s strive to continuously improve customer journeys around the globe, we are excited to host the first technical training in Spanish and first training session in Lima, Peru conducted by Manny Hernandez, Channel Development Director, Pablo Vaca, Pre-Sales Engineer, and Suraj LoboS, Pre-Sales Technical Manager. Qmatic’s LATAM partners from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Puerto Rico are joining to share their knowledge and industry insights, and to get the latest technical training to continue to develop their skill sets.

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  • Martin Hallberg, Product Manager explains Qmatic Cloud Solutions

    This text was originally published on 2019-11-11 by Martin Hallberg on LinkedIn

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