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Global Support

We understand that your Qmatic solution is a critical part of your daily operations. That is why it has been designed and developed with careful thought, structure, planning, meticulous development and customized implementation to suit the needs of your particular environment. 

Because we want to help you maintain your investment, and retain the integrity and reliability of your solution, we offer world-class service and support.

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Qmatic Care

In today's fast-paced world where there's no time for disruptions. Qmatic Care anticipates and prevents faults and keeps everything rolling smoothly.

Qmatic Care includes technical support and a global team of local specialists so your customer journey solution always performs with complete reliability.

Qmatic Client Success

A world-class client success program

Create frictionless customer experiences together with our team of highly experienced CX experts, helping you to mitigate and tailor your Qmatic solution to your business needs. Maximize the value of your customer journey solution and enhance your overall customer experience.



With TeamViewer our support department can control your computer as if they were sitting right next to you - even through firewalls. All you have to do is to download and start a small application, which does not even require installation or administrative rights.