Customer Feedback

Looking to improve customer experience? Let the customer help out.

Did your service meet expectations? Are you particularly strong in some areas, and where can you improve? Find out by asking your customers and analyzing the data gathered. With our Expressia solution your customers can rate their visit as soon as they are done, while still in your environment. This gives unique immediate feedback to simple questions.

Online surveys for customer convenience

For slightly more complex questions, and when you want to let your customers respond when it suits them the best, we offer the a more advanced customer feedback module for Orchestra 7. The module allows you to design a user-friendly online survey and send an invitation to respond to your customer as the visit is completed. The questions may be of different types (star rating, multiple choice, free text, etc.). The questionnaire can also contain conditional follow-up questions (i.e. they may differ depending on previous answer).

Hand holding smartphone with customer feedback application on screen

Analyze feedback data through Orchestra or Qmatic Insights.

Analyzing your customer feedback data is key to improvement. For this you either use the Reports module in Orchestra 7 or Qmatic Insights (when running Orchestra 7 on Managed Service by Qmatic). These modules offer several predefined reports tailored for customer feedback data.

Computer screen showing graph going up and down with sad and happy smiley faces

Get the Most out of the Journey

A great customer experience is delivered and perceived. Our technology solutions give you the ability to control the delivery, measure the perception, and put it all together to work toward the most positive impression on your customers, employees, and operations.

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