Business Intelligence

Drive operational excellence and employee productivity with data integration and business analytics.

By integrating with every piece of your customer journey, the fully web-based, advanced Qmatic business intelligence (BI) module generates comprehensive, up-to-date insights you need.

tablet with statistics iconsThe flexible, scalable solution is built to work within the Orchestra platform. It supports third party integration and offers customizable dashboards for an accessible source of useful, actionable information about how well your operations are working.

  • Organize and understand vital information simply and quickly with drag-and-drop data fields and point-and-click analytics.
  • Simple, secure web-based mobile business analytics give employees the ability to make informed decisions at any time, wherever they are.
  • Visualize, dissect, and analyze customer journey management data to identify the most important business metrics, trends and exceptions.

Build customer behavior, interaction, process and satisfaction analytics through sweeping discovery of every piece of your customer journey.

  • Appointment
  • Casual Caller
  • Customer Demand
  • Enquiry Rates
  • Lost Customers
  • Multi-Channel Performance
  • Real-Time Customer Satisfaction Feedback
  • Service Quality
  • Serving Time
  • Staff / User Performance
  • Transaction Time
  • Waiting Time

Get the Most out of the Journey

A great customer experience is delivered and perceived. Our technology solutions give you the ability to control the delivery, measure the perception, and put it all together to work toward the most positive impression on your customers, employees, and operations.

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