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Qmatic Data Connect Qmatic Data ConnectQmatic Data Connect

Data Connect is a Business Intelligence (BI) API that helps Qmatic users gain powerful insights into their customer journey data.

Simple and convenient to set up and use, Data Connect lets you bring this rich data into your own BI/Data Visualization tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView, and others. On top of being able to use your preferred data analysis tool, it also makes it easier for you to combine your customer journey data with other sources like sales, weather, footfall, and production data to reveal even deeper insights. 


Customer Journey Management Analytics by Qmatic

With the addition of Data Connect to the existing Qmatic real-time dashboard and reports, you have the possibility to slice data your own way and using your existing BI tools. Helping you dig deeper and learn more about improving and optimizing your customer services processes — whether it is to manage costs, increase sales, optimize staff/branch performance or boost the customer experience.

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Make a deeper connection with your data

  • Use your favorite BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and QlikView
  • Easily import 70+ data points from the Qmatic platform
  • Cross-reference customer journey data with data from other sources
  • Import customer journey data into your chosen cloud solution such as Azure Data Factory
  • Start using the data directly with no need for pre-processing or modeling
  • Integrate and store your data securely with safe encryption during transit

Get the full value from your customer journey data

With the Data Connect API, you can use BI or Data Visualization tools seamlessly on your customer journey and other data. And uncover new insights and hidden value to help you:

  • Streamline processes
  • Shorten transaction times
  • Optimize planning and scheduling of staff, rooms, or equipment
  • Find the optimal queueing time
  • Make better, data-driven decisions
  • Learn and discover even more
“Your API is easier than any other API I’ve ever used.”

BI Analyst, Denver CO, USA

How Data Connect works

The Data Connect API enables convenient access to customer journey data via your preferred BI or visualization tool, using web technologies for maximum compatibility.

Import data effortlessly into your tool and create reports or dashboards directly without the need for preprocessing or modeling.

The API ensures encrypted data transit and offers full access control via an administrative portal. Designed for seamless system integration, Data Connect facilitates advanced analytics and storage, allowing incremental data pulling for easy, scalable, and secure processing.

Data Connect works via OData, an open data protocol that allows the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable REST APIs in a simple and standard way.

Put simply, OData is a smooth and easy way for BI users to get specific data from one system to another. Letting you query and share data between unconnected systems or even merge all your various data sources into a single, consolidated view for faster and more powerful insights.

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