Queue management solutions

Bring structure to your operations with queue management solutions for enterprise


Queue management solutions for enterprise

Qmatic queue management solutions cover everything from simple ticket, self check-in kiosk, and display solutions to a fully tailored customer journey platform that utilizes customer data.

Integrate the system that works for you and find out how to bridge the gap between the online and physical environment to provide a seamless customer experience.


Improved operations, better customer experience

From online to onsite, Qmatic queue management solutions are designed to work front and back – to give customers a better service, ensure employees have the time and space to perform their job effectively, and give you the management tools to stay in control.

  • Reduce waiting times and minimize crowd in the waiting area
  • Improve customer flow for more efficient operations
  • Keep customers informed every step of the way
  • Gain insights into the customer experience to make data-driven business decisions
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Deliver better customer experiences

Bring structure and certainty to your waiting room with easy self check-in, automatic service assignment upon arrival, regular updates through their phones or in-branch displays, and clear navigation.


Increase staff efficiency

With automated notifications, customer segmentation, and real-time dashboard, we help your staff to be more productive and efficient when managing customer flow.


Improve services and operations

Integrate and combine the systems you're comfortable with to cut administration costs, optimize service capacity, and improve customer and employee experiences.

The queue management system flow

Step 1 – Pre-visit

Before your customers arrive onsite, you can prepare them with relevant information, like locations and procedures. In addition, Qmatic solutions can help you predict how many staff you will need at each branch based on data and analysis of previous demands and current service goals.
Step 1 – Pre-visit

Step 2 – Visit

Give your customers a smooth, effortless experience on arrival with self-check-in services like QR scanning or self-service kiosks. With data, like customer visit history, your staff can deliver a personalized experience when customers step through the door.
Step 2 – Visit

Step 3 – Post-visit

When customers have finished their visit, you can retrieve vital information from feedback and data captured throughout their journey, to identify the areas you need to work on to optimize your business.
Step 3 – Post-visit

Advanced queue management solutions features


Appointment management

Allow customers to book an appointment anywhere, anytime – giving you the option to even out customer flow and match the right employee with the right customer.


Virtual queue management

With a virtual queuing system, customers can wait anywhere, monitor their progress in real-time, and receive notifications when it's their turn to be served.


Self-service check-in

When customers arrive, they can quickly check-in via a self-service kiosk, mobile device, or reception.


Automated notifications

Give customers all the information they need while waiting, like regular updates on waiting times via their phone or digitally displayed on screens.


Real-time data and online history reports

Generate the analytics needed for continuous operational improvements and a better customer experience with data, like average waiting times and staff performance.


Customer feedback

Know what your customers think about your service with user-friendly online surveys and applications. Customers can rate their visit in seconds, giving you unique insights to create even better services.

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