Department of Motor Vehicles

Customer flow management solutions for DMV

Reduce wait times, increase efficiency and improve customer experience with appointment and queue management solutions

Manage customer flow and increase efficiency in DMV offices

Qmatic's appointment and queue management system provides you with a solution geared towards creating streamlined customer journeys, making it easy for residents to navigate from beginning to end.

Employees benefit from a user-friendly system that matches up the right staff member with the service requested, while administrators can measure every aspect of the customer journey, from online scheduling and self-registration to service and feedback collection.


Reduce wait times

Regular updates for visitors, categorized customers are prioritized for efficient service.


Improve customer experience

Organized, streamlined process and workflow for excellent service delivery.


Increase staff productivity and efficiency

Workload allocated based on skill set, optimized staff scheduling and improved service quality.


Get relevant data and actionable insights to improve

Key insights and analysis for trends, performance, resource optimization, and benchmark analysis.


DMV appointment scheduling system

Allow residents to schedule appointments online and queue virtually using their phones, eliminating the pain of waiting in line. With a DMV reservation system by Qmatic, residents can schedule appointments online and receive automatic booking confirmations, reminders, and notifications.


Arrival management and check-in solutions

Qmatic's appointment scheduling solution covers the arrival and check-in process, making sure the whole customer journey is seamless and efficient.

Upon arrival, residents can complete the check-in within seconds via self-service kiosks, or online with their smartphones. 


Virtual queue management and Mobile Ticket

Virtual queuing solutions by Qmatic allow you to provide safer customer journeys. With Qmatic’s Mobile Ticket, residents can wait anywhere, monitor their progress in real-time, and receive regular updates on their phone. 

Remote service with virtual meeting solution

With our virtual meeting solution, you can offer to serve residents remotely. Residents can choose to have this option when they make the booking. 

Can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or any other video meeting platforms you have.

reporting & analytics

Real-time data and performance tracking

Get real-time information to optimize your operations, along with extensive statistics and reports on the entire organization to help you improve your services, such as optimizing staff productivity or anticipating busy periods.

Our business intelligence tools provide you with an overview of visitors, staff performance, and daily operations – all with key insights to support decision-making.


Customer journey solutions for DMV

Features include:
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automatic confirmation and reminders with SMS and email
  • Self-registration with QR code
  • Virtual queue management and Mobile Ticket
  • Employee apps
  • Virtual meeting solutions

What our customers say

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Improve the citizen experience

  • Manage appointments, arrival process, and citizen flows in a single platform
  • Automate workflow and admin tasks to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Keep citizens informed through all stages of the journey
  • Get the key data and insights into your operations to improve service quality and efficiency



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