Virtual meeting solutions

Serve customers remotely and provide essential tools for video conferencing to your hybrid work environment

Connect with customers anywhere


Offer more accessible services and better flexibility for customers with in-person and online services


Manage virtual meetings, appointments, and queues in a single platform and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for customers


Create an agile, hybrid workforce that caters to customers' demands efficiently


Service delivered to the living room

Offer your clients service exactly where it suits them. Our connector for remote service delivery provides the possibility to serve customers via video call or chat.

You can configure which service options should be available, and when customers opt to be remotely served they receive a meeting link. This link leads to the same online meeting that your staff will enter instead of calling the visitor in the waiting area.


Flexible virtual meeting software for different needs

Qmatic Remote Services is a flexible solution that caters to a variety of different companies’ requirements, as well as their customers’ different diverse needs. Customers can book an appointment online, via a call center, or with a walk-in visit. Our solutions cover both physical and virtual customer journeys.


Virtual Meeting Software by Qmatic

  • Deliver services via video, chat or other platforms
  • Allow customers to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments online, and keep them informed with automated SMS/email
  • Connect customers with the right member of staff
  • Integrate with the video meeting tools you already use
  • Browser-based – no mobile app required

How Qmatic Virtual Meeting Software works

Appointment booking

The customer books an appointment and chooses the virtual meeting option.

Appointment booking

Confirmation and reminders

Booking confirmation and appointment reminders are sent via SMS and email to the customer.

Confirmation and reminders


Customers with a scheduled appointment can check in by clicking the meeting link in the reminder message. Drop-in customers can scan a QR code, choose the service they require, and wait remotely for the virtual meeting.


Staff notifications

The assigned staff member receives check-in notifications and enters the same meeting room.

Staff notifications

Remote service delivery

Service is delivered via a video meeting.

Remote service delivery

Customer feedback

Shortly after the meeting, the customer receives an online survey.

Customer feedback

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