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Reduce customer waiting time, minimize crowding in waiting areas, and manage customer flow with an advanced appointment system

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Appointment scheduling and arrival management solutions

Make it easy for customers to connect to your services anywhere, anytime with an appointment scheduling system. From managing appointment booking, arrival and check-in process to service, use a solution that joins up the whole process smoothly to provide excellent customer experience.

Arrival and check-in management is an essential part of scheduling solutions that’s often overlooked. It’s a bridge between the digital space (when customers schedule their appointment online) and physical environment (when customers arrive for their visit).

Appointment scheduling solutions by Qmatic covers the entire customer journey, all within one system.

Appointment management system: How it works

1. Online appointment booking

Customers can schedule an appointment by choosing the time slot that suits them best. They will receive a booking confirmation, and closer to the date, a reminder for their appointment.

2. Self check-in

With the appointment reminder, the customer gets a link they can use for self check-in. Alternatively, they can also scan a QR code to get in the line. A mobile ticket will be issued after check-in.

3. Arrival and service

A notification will be sent to customers when it’s their turn to be served.


An easy and convenient online appointment system for customers

Give your customers the option to schedule appointments online at a time that suits them best. They can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments from your available time slots. Upon booking, customers can also choose the service they require or other preferences. 

Using a client booking system will give your customers convenience, reduced waiting time, and better customer experience. 

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Better control of the customer flow and efficient resource planning

Keep control of your customer flow and minimize crowds in your waiting area with appointment management software.  

You can manage preference fields, time slots, and staff distribution to get a better control of the customer flow and operation. Having appointments scheduled in advance also allows you to seamlessly transfer your customers from online browsing to an in-person visit with the staff member best suited to deal with their needs.  

customer flow management with appointment scheduling system

Arrival management and check-in solution for seamless customer flow

With arrival management and check-in system integrated in the solutions, customers can check in with a link sent via SMS/email, and receive a Mobile Ticket that allows them to wait remotely. Staff will get a notification once a customer is checked in.

The benefits of arrival management include:

  • Seamless, efficient, and safe handling of the arrival and check-in process
  • Reduced crowding upon arrival
  • Maximized capacity and efficiency while still maintaining a safe environment

self check-in message

Remote service delivery with video appointment

Offer your clients service exactly where it suits them. Our connector for remote service delivery enables the possibility to serve customers via video call or chat. You can configure which service options that should be available, and when customers opt to be remotely served they receive a meeting link. This link leads to the same online meeting that your staff will enter instead of calling the visitor as if he or she was in the waiting area.
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Smooth customer experience with fully integrated solutions 

The scheduling solution is fully integrated with the queuing and self-service check-in system, allowing a smooth customer journey from online booking to service. This full integration also enables you to deal with scheduled appointments, impromptu visits, and late arrivals efficiently using the same system.  

Appointment system integrated with queuing system

Appointment management system features

  • Online calendar and appointment module
  • Self check-in
  • Automatic confirmation and reminders to help prevent no-shows
  • Video appointment for remote service delivery
  • Real-time data, analytics, and advanced reporting for optimized resource planning and improved service delivery
  • Full integration with customer journey management system and other third-party systems

appoint booking user interface

Key benefits of an online appointment booking system:

Ease, convenience, and flexibility for customers

Customers can easily find you and book an appointment anywhere, anytime. 

Improved customer flow and lobby management 

With an appointment system, you have the ability to even out customer flow with the appointment slots you decide to open, based on your resource availability. 


Increased staff efficiency with advance planning 

Manage customer flow to match service requests with the right person and utilize staff in a more efficient way. 

Reduced customer waiting time 

Less waiting for customers as they can schedule their arrival close to their appointment time. 

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