Customer Journey Management


Design customer journeys in our cloud solution. Bridge the gap between the online and physical world and deliver personal and friction-free experiences.

Queue Management System


Integrated software, self-service kiosks and signage to reduce customer wait times, improve efficiency and increase revenues.

Online Appointment Booking


Provide scheduling software to move customers from online to an in-person visit with the right employee, to create a journey that differentiates your brand.

Mobile Queuing


Allow your customers to wait anywhere and provide real-time updates about the status of their wait. Reduce their perceived wait time and increase your productivity.

Employee apps


Empower and mobilize your employees to provide a better, more personalized service and bridge the online and physical world.

Digital Signage


Combine content and context to engage your customers. Communicate relevant messages on the most relevant surface.

Customer Feedback


Align real-time feedback with actual, measurable operations data that drives operational improvements in your organization.

Business Intelligence


Advanced business intelligence (BI) to generate comprehensive, up-to-date customer journey insights.

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Companies That Use Qmatic
Have The Proof


Staff productivity improvement

A leading retail bank


Faster patient turnaround time

A blood laboratory chain


Reduction in total serving time

A major city council


Increase in contract sales volume

A global telecom/wireless retailer

The Leading Customer Journey Management System

Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management. We invented the concept in 1981 and have remained committed to innovating world-class technology solutions that create great experiences for customers, patients, citizens and the staff who serve them.

Create a Great Customer Journey!


  • Qmatic helps Flevoziekenhuis improve patient experience

    The Dutch hospital Flevoziekenhuis (located in Almere outside of Amsterdam) migrates to the latest version of Qmatic Orchestra. The objective is to better inform patients about the waiting times at the blood lab and the radiology outpatient clinic. All to improve the patient journey and experience.

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  • Qmatic solutions help retailers master Black Friday

    Global forecasts anticipate Black Friday and Christmas shopping to break records all over the world in 2017. At the same time, evidence points to a development where online shopping is going to brake all records, and for traditional retailers this might not be uplifting news. Thanks to Qmatic’s Click & Collect solution, there is a way for traditional retailers to benefit from online shopping in more than one way.

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  • New in-store Click & Collect solution from Qmatic opens opportunities for retailers

    Today Qmatic launches their new solution for in-store customer journeys around Click & Collect-situations. The solution builds on experience from handling two billion customer interactions worldwide every year, and offers an important innovation to make Click & Collect the perfect, seamless shopping experience it really should be.

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Qmatic Blog

  • Is data security keeping you awake at night?

    We live in a world of digital transformation and an explosion of information. Organisations in all sectors are challenged to keep data safe. But, keeping data safe is much more than just sending encrypted messages and working with ‘strong passwords’. 

  • Exciting results for mobile checkout in UK


    Many of us believe we have only seen the beginning of how smart phone technology will transform our lives. If in doubt, consider the fact only ten years has passed since the first iPhone was launched, yet today mobile technology has changed all we know about how we access information and services. Along with leading brands such as Sainsbury’s, Qmatic UK has tested an innovative way to use smartphones when shopping for groceries.