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Self-Service Kiosks

Powerful digital receptionists

I need a digital receptionist

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Employee Apps

Convenient staff apps

Helps you provide a more personal level of service, instantly share data with your staff, increase employee mobility and optimize your resources.

Queue Management Systems

Integrated software, self-service kiosks and signage to reduce customer wait times, improve efficiency and increase revenues.

Appointment matchmaker

Scheduling software ensures the appointment is a positive overall experience, for example, by matching each visitor with your most relevant member of staff.

Simple advanced analytics

Enables you to put the data you are collecting to good use, so you can streamline your processes and refine the customer journey, using simplified advanced analytics and business intelligence. .

Customer Journey Management

Design customer journeys in our cloud solution. Bridge the gap between the online and physical world and deliver personal and friction-free experiences.

Mobile Queuing

Mobile queuing

Allow your customers to wait anywhere and provide real-time updates about the status of their wait. Reduce their perceived wait time and increase your productivity.

Digital signage

Combine content and context to engage your customers. Communicate relevant messages on the most relevant surface.

Customer feedback

Align real-time feedback with actual, measurable operations data that drives operational improvements in your organization.

Consumer Shopping Trends in the Golden Quarter

Read the full report, 'Reducing friction in retail stores during the Golden Quarter, A Qmatic survey'.

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How crucial is efficiency in healthcare?
We thought so. Which is why all of our solutions streamline, optimize, improve and simplify.

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  • ICTWEEK 2018 in Uzbekistan

    The annual ICT exhibition ICTWEEK 2018 was held on the 26-​28th of September 2018 in Uzbekistan.

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  • Qmatic and Samsung partner to offer integrated digital signage solutions

    Mölndal, Sweden, November 15, 2018 - Qmatic and Samsung Professional Display group today announced that they have entered into a partnership to optimize customer value across their solution portfolios. Together they have developed integrations between Samsung’s System on Chip Display solutions, including the Magicinfo software platform for large digital signage network management, and Qmatic’s suite of solutions.

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  • TurkmenTEL 2018

    Qmatic participated in the exhibition TurkmenTEL in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan the 10-​​12th of October together with Dogruluk, our partner in Turkmenistan.

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