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COVID-19 vaccinations Efficient appointment scheduling solutions

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Qmatic Cloud Appointments

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  • Qmatic Introduces Qmatic Cloud Appointments

    Designed with customer centricity as the guiding principle, Qmatic Cloud Appointments brings a wide array of new powerful scheduling features combined with an elegant intuitive user interface that makes it easier than ever for customers to book an appointment online and for staff to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments.

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  • A sign with the Scapino logotype, written in white on a red background, on the face of a building. Major clothing retailer Scapino chooses Qmatic as Dutch stores reopen

    The Netherlands is opening up again after more than two months of pandemic lockdown, but some restrictions remain. Shops are now allowed to let a very limited number of visitors in, and only on appointment. And since shopping by appointment is a new concept for most retailers, market leading shoe store chain Scapino needed an appointment scheduling software solution. And they found Qmatic Cloud Solutions.

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  • An elderly woman getting a vaccine injection from a nurse. Both are wearing face masks. Vaccination appointment scheduling solution to large U.S. city

    As campaigns of mass vaccinations against COVID-19 are unfolding around the world, municipalities and health agencies need to manage not only vaccines and vaccinations, but also the people performing and receiving them, all while upholding social distancing.

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Qmatic Blog

  • What is a COVID-19 vaccine scheduling solution?

    As a patient flow management specialist, my job is to help our clients improve their patient and staff experience by using patient flow management techniques. In this article, I'll describe what a COVID-19 vaccination scheduling solution is and how it fulfills patient and healthcare providers current needs. 

  • How to maintain social distancing when reopening government offices

    During the past year, government offices around the world have closed down many of their services to the public. With vaccinations taking place, public offices should be able to reopen, but with a backlog of cancelled visits, the demands on their services will be bigger than ever. Here I will tell you how government offices, city halls and other public service offices can go about to ensure social distancing and a safe environment but still provide excellent service and customer experience to their visitors.

  • Arrival management: Moving visitors from online to an in-person visit

    In this article, I describe what arrival management is and how you can use it to move your visitors seamlessly from an online experience to an in-person visit. At the end of the article, you can download a guide about appointment management where you can learn even more about the solutions.