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Qmatic employee apps

Convenient staff apps

Helps you provide a more personal level of service, instantly share data with your staff, increase employee mobility and optimize your resources.

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Queue Management Systems

Integrated software, self-service kiosks and signage to reduce customer wait times, improve efficiency and increase revenues.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment matchmaker

Scheduling software ensures the appointment is a positive overall experience, for example, by matching each visitor with your most relevant member of staff.

Business analytics

Advanced Analytics Simplified

Enables you to put the data you are collecting to good use, so you can streamline your processes and refine the customer journey, using simplified advanced analytics and business intelligence.

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Customer Journey Management

Design customer journeys in our cloud solution. Bridge the gap between the online and physical world and deliver personal and friction-free experiences.

Mobile queue app

Mobile queuing

Allow your customers to wait anywhere and provide real-time updates about the status of their wait. Reduce their perceived wait time and increase your productivity.

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Digital signage

Combine content and context to engage your customers. Communicate relevant messages on the most relevant surface.

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Customer feedback

Align real-time feedback with actual, measurable operations data that drives operational improvements in your organization.

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  • Bahamas Passport Office revamps its online application process with Qmatic

    In a press release issued by the Government of The Bahamas, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Darren Henfield stated that considerable progress has been made at the Passport Office during 2019 and that the agency received a lot of positive feedback from residents. “This is evident from the much improved missives of approbation the institution receives now on a daily basis,” said Minister Henfield. “Much effort has been made to familiarize the public with the new Qmatic system, which lends to an easier, safe, fast and secure online application process, phase one of which – for the renewal of adult of e-Passports – was successfully launched on 9 December 2019. Indeed an historical milestone for the Ministry and by extension, the country.”

    The deployment of Qmatic has led to a marked improvement in the turnaround time for collection. Henfield explained that persons applying for passports at the passport office and/or online could collect their documents, on average, within five to seven working days after applying. 

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  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Records and Fingerprint Bureau chooses Qmatic

    The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) offers a variety of services related to crime prevention, education as well as permits. On June 1st, the LVMPD Records and Fingerprint Bureau launched its new online appointment scheduling solution from QmaticThe online appointment booking solution is powered by Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution – Qmatic Orchestra 7 and will enhance the agency’s online service for residents and improve customer convenience, reduce wait times, and minimize crowds 


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  • Lanbide – Basque Employment Service Adapts to the New Normal with Qmatic

    Lanbide - the Basque Employment Services stated in a news release that the agency will once again reopen its offices to the public. Using Qmatic Customer Journey Management solution, the government agency will be able to adjust to the new normal and provide a safer environment for visitors and staff by limiting the number of visitors in the waiting area and reduce physical interactions. The solution will be available at 42 of Lanbide’s offices located in the Basque Country.

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Qmatic Blog

  • How to reduce wait times in government offices

    Most government offices around the world are faced with the twin challenges of strained resources and outdated systems. Combined, these two problems often cause inefficient operation and service delivery, which is reflected in the long wait times that customers have to face when dealing with public agencies.

  • How a lobby management system can improve social distancing

    Lobby management is the process of managing and optimizing the arrival of visitors or customers in your lobby or waiting area, to improve both the customer experience and staff efficiency. Just like queue management and customer journey management, it aims to streamline and optimize the customer journey and it can be used to improve social distancing.

  • Appointment scheduling solution: What, how, and why

    As we’re entering a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and service providers are preparing to reopen once restrictions are relaxed. When it’s time to reopen, there’s a good chance that customer footfall will increase, as their demands have been put on hold for some time. Meanwhile, there’s still an urgent need to maintain social distancing and high safety standards as the risk of virus spread remains high. This is a challenge that requires advance planning and big adjustments. How can service providers and businesses adapt to this new normal?