Qmatic Cloud Appointments

Improve your customer’s experience and your operational efficiency with appointment bookings

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Qmatic Cloud Appointments is a true cloud solution that takes our long experience of customer journey management to a modern software platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with Qmatic Cloud Solutions. This guarantees a smooth customer journey, from the booking of an appointment, to checking in at your premises, through service delivery and even to providing feedback after the visit is completed.

There are several benefits that come with providing services by booked appointments. Your customers will experience shorter wait times. And with a set time for the appointment, planning the day also becomes easier.

Predictability is also a major improvement for staff. When they have advance information about who they will meet, and what service is expected, they will be able to come better prepared to meet the visitor.

With service delivery by appointments you also have the power to direct visits to the days and times that make your operations run as smoothly as possible. This makes it easier to match staffing with number of visitors, for example.


Delight customers already from the start

User friendliness has been just as important as powerful functionality in the development of Qmatic Cloud Appointments. That’s why it is just as easy for your customers to book appointments on the web as it is for your staff to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments. This results in efficient operations


Allocate staff and multiple resources

An appointment often requires one, or more, specific member(s) of staff, plus a resource such as a meeting room. With Qmatic Cloud Appointments you can make sure that all resources are available before creating this type of multi-resource bookings. In the same manner it is also possible to keep appointments open for booking by more than one visitor.


One visit - several appointments

Already at the point of booking a visit, you might know that your visitor will need to see several members of staff, for different services, in order for the required service to be fully delivered. Qmatic Cloud Appointments offers powerful functionality for booking multi-appointment visits. When adding appointments for additional services you can automatically add buffer time in between appointments, to allow for possible delays or when there is a need for visitors to switch location for example. Appointments for additional services may also be booked during an ongoing visit, as need arises.


Seamless integration with Qmatic Cloud Solutions

Qmatic Cloud Appointments extends customer journey management to include even the first touchpoint. Thanks to its seamless integration with our cloud platform for customer journey management - Qmatic Cloud Solutions you can rely on one single supplier smoothly managing great customer experiences, from appointment booking to customer feedback.

Manage your customers while we manage the software

Qmatic Cloud Appointments is a subscription-based cloud offering. Software, maintenance, and support - everything is provided for a monthly fee. This means that there is no need for any upfront investments in hardware and no time required for installation and setup. You will always have the latest software version, and with support included in the monthly fee, cost is predictable, making budgeting easy.


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