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Move from walk-in visits to booked appointments and allow customers to schedule an appointment whenever it suits them best. 

Online booking page

Delight customers with an intuitive booking experience

Allows customers to effortlessly schedule appointments for your services. You can easily share the booking page through a direct link or embed it on your website and customize it with your logo and brand colors. Our online booking page is available in six languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Italian, and supports multiple time zones. 

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Staff booking

More personalized and efficient meetings

Create more valuable and personalized experiences for your customers by allowing them to book an appointment with a specific member of your staff. 

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Virtual meetings

Set up virtual appointments

Offer virtual meetings and serve your customers remotely. When a customer books an appointment as an online meeting, it creates a meeting link that everyone can join from anywhere via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 



Multiple Bookings

One visit, several appointments

Eliminate waiting times and booking errors by allowing your customers to add multiple services to a single appointment. 

When adding appointments for additional services you can automatically add buffer time in between appointments, to allow for possible delays or if there's a need for visitors to switch locations. 


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Resoruce scheduling

Multiple resource scheduling

Manage, schedule, and connect multiple resources such as staff, rooms, and equipment for an appointment. This way you can ensure that the specific requirements for each appointment are matched with the right team member and resource to best help your customer. 

Resource Capacity Planning

Get a complete overview

Get a full overview of all your services and resources, see their availability on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and change the availability for services or resources as you need.

Reporting & Analytics

Appointment and customer journey data

Gather appointment data and journey data and learn how to optimize your customer journey, increase customer satisfaction, and fine-tune your staffing levels to match your customers’ needs.

Calendar Integration

Sync your Outlook calendar

The Outlook Calendar integration is an ideal solution for organizations that use Microsoft 365.

With the one-way integration, Qmatic synchronizes all appointments to your Outlook calendar. With the two-way integration option, all booked appointments are synced back to Qmatic Experience Cloud. This ensures that your appointments are always up-to-date and eliminates double bookings.


Key features in our appointment scheduling software

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User Roles and Rights

Role-based access lets you control which feature or how much information is available to different users depending on their role.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed reports and analytics on appointments, employee performance, wait times, and more. Print and export data in various formats.

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Reminders and Notifications

Receive SMS and email notifications for booking updates and upcoming appointments. Send automated text message reminders to customers before appointments to reduce no-shows.

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Qmatic is ISO 27001 certified, SSL secure, and ensures that your data is encrypted at both rest and in transit.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamless integration with your authentication system through SSO (AD, OpenID, SAML, etc.) allowíng your users to sign in with your organization’s login credentials.

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Calendar Integration

Automatically sync bookings in your Outlook calendar.

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Virtual Meetings

Offer virtual meetings and serve your customers remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom

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Resource Capacity Planning

Track workflow trends, quickly reallocate idle resources, and adjust service schedules so you stay on top of the resource’s workload.

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Our appointment booking software is both WCAG 2.1 level AA and GDPR compliant. 

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Schedule Multiple Resources

Manage, schedule, and connect multiple resources such as staff, rooms, and equipment for an appointment. 

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Multiple Service Booking

Let your customers and staff conveniently select and book multiple services in one appointment

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Language Support

Our appointment booking application and online booking page are available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and German. 

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Multiple Time Zones

Multiple time zones for your different branch locations and automatic time zone conversions for customers. 
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Add your logo and brand colors to your online booking page.

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Appointment API

Integrate our appointment scheduling capabilities into your applications. 

Experience Cloud Portal
Qmatic Experience Cloud

Great Experiences On Demand

Appointment Booking with Qmatic Experience Cloud

Our appointment scheduling software is available on our cloud-based platform for customer journey management - Qmatic Experience Cloud. You can rely on one supplier to offer smooth customer journeys and deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint, from appointment booking and check-in to service delivery and feedback.

Take a tour and explore the appointment booking system available in Qmatic Experience Cloud.
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Customer Stories

“Seeing the Qmatic solution come to life and allowing coaches to schedule Healthy Athlete appointments for the first time at a Special Olympics USA Games was amazing. This was a game-changer for the athlete experience, and we are incredibly grateful for the entire team at Qmatic and the prep work with all the other partners to help this come to life. It took a village, but we wouldn’t have been successful without Qmatic”

Lonnie Snyder, Chief Information Officer, Special Olympics USA Games


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