Omnichannel customer journey solutions

Create a personalized customer journey with easy access to services and increased efficiency that drives sales

With Qmatic retail solutions, it’s never been easier to provide an omnichannel customer journey that can be personalized to customers’ needs and preferences. Meet your customer’s expectations and anticipate what they need, helping you to use your resources more effectively and ensure customers remain loyal, engaged, and satisfied.


Increase brand loyalty with personalized services

Create a unique, personalized experience across every channel that increases brand loyalty and revenue.

  • Provide a seamless omnichannel experience from online to offline, giving your customers multiple options to purchase how and where they want
  • Personalize the journey through customer identification
  • Match customer needs with employee skills
  • Reduce customers' waiting time

Boost sales and revenue

Create actual, measurable intelligence about what customers want most and where they want to engage with you.

  • Gain insights from every touchpoint in the customer journey to identify high-value transactions for cross- and upselling
  • Implement virtual queuing for in-branch customers, giving them the chance to browse while waiting and increasing sales opportunities
  • Get demand forecast so you can anticipate peak periods, optimize service capacity, and match service requirements with staffing

Improve staff efficiency and satisfaction

  • Reduce stress levels of staff through control of customer journey
  • Improve service quality with actionable information from a real-time dashboard and quick access to customer history
  • Automate admin tasks and workflow so your staff can focus on delivering excellent services
  • Get customer feedback with an online survey sent directly after the visit

Get key data and insights into your business

Harness the power of data and analytics with Qmatic Business Intelligence tools. Gain insights into your customer behaviors and branch performance.

  • Actual and estimated waiting times, average transaction times, and the number of customers waiting
  • Branch performance and staff benchmark, measured in service level indicators like KPIs and SLA
  • Customer feedback and NPS (Net Promotor Score)
  • Demand forecast, service trends and analysis, daily patterns on booking and arrival

Key features

Engage your customers across every channel to excel in the competition.

Omnichannel platform

Meet customers where they want. Customers can effortlessly connect to services online and onsite, giving them a holistic journey that benefits them as much as you.  


Let customers book their visit in advance, or book a time for their pick up. For you, this means managing Click and Collect or curbside pickup services smoothly.

Virtual queuing

Create in-store experience that focuses on convenience and ease. With a mobile ticket, customers can browse and monitor their progress in real-time, increasing the chance of additional sales. 

Staff application

Enable staff to manage customer flow (including calling, transferring, adding, removing, and serving customers) and have access to the 360-degree overview of the store environment.

Self service options

Allow customers to check in via a kiosk or a smartphone (by scanning a QR code, or clicking the link in the appointment reminder).

Messaging services

Keep customers informed at every touchpoint with automated SMS and emails. Send notifications for upcoming appointments, visit information, and queue alerts.

Retail Business Intelligence

Get comprehensive reports and analytics of your operations and customer journey to spot areas of improvement and make data-driven business decisions.

Display and digital signage

Provide customers with personalized and relevant information based on their need and profile.

Customer Stories

Stadium logo

"We believe that this will increase the customer experience for customers visiting Stadium. As a customer, you feel noticed and safe waiting for your turn. Simply put, you experience less stress, and time passes by faster"

Björn Nilsson, Head of Customer Experience, Stadium


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