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Let your customers wait virtually,


Say goodbye to long lines and hello to Mobile Ticket

Mobile Ticket enables organizations to create a virtual waiting room and effectively eliminate the pain of waiting. Customers can join a virtual queue and wait wherever they like while staying informed with real-time updates on their mobile devices. Not only can they choose to wait somewhere more comfortable - or run an errand while waiting – a virtual queue will also minimize wait times and reduce crowds in your waiting area.


Offer virtual queues

Eliminate the need for customers to wait in a traditional waiting area and allow them to move freely and wait wherever they want.


Minimize wait times and crowds

Reduce wait times and crowds and eliminate lines inside your service environment. And create a relaxed and enjoyable waiting experience.


Build better customer relationships

Strengthen relationships and facilitate the customer journey with virtual queuing. Meet customers’ needs today and tomorrow – and on their own terms.


Manage customer flow and improve efficiency

Manage customer flow and minimize walkaways by keeping customers informed with status updates and notifications.


See what sets Mobile Ticket apart

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Easy Access

Join the virtual queue via SMS, QR code, or URL link.

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Automated Notifications

Get updates via SMS on queue status.

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Queue Progress Monitoring

 Track queue progress in real-time.

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Multiple Branches

Find and enter virtual queues in nearby branches. 

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Service Availability

See all available services and waiting customers at the branch.

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Join the virtual queue before arriving at the branch.

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Receive automated feedback
forms after the service is completed


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Appointment Check-in

Check in and get in line for scheduled appointments.

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Support Multiple Languages

Available in multiple languages and RTL (Right to left).

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Customized Branding

Match your brand with custom colors, text, and logo.

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Authenticate Mobile Ticket users with a one-time password, set up a geofence, and more.

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Virtual Meetings

Conduct virtual meetings by integrating Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

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Message Boxes

Add pop-ups that link to forms, surveys, videos, or any other page you want to share.

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Wait Time Estimations

Give customers a better understanding of how long they will be waiting in line.

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Delay Visit

Empower customers to hold their place in line by adding extra time.

How It Works

Empower your customers with a simple and secure way to get in line from their mobile devices while eliminating lines and crowded areas in your service environment.

Let customers enter the virtual queue in a variety of ways



Customers can enter the virtual queue via QR code, SMS, or web link. From there, they can select the service they need and join the queue.

Follow queue progress in real-time and receive notifications



Once customers have joined the queue, they can now wait anywhere they want and track the progress of the queue in real-time. Notifications of their place in the queue can be sent via SMS, depending on the customer's preference.

Get served


When it's their turn to be served, customers will receive another notification. They can then proceed to the service point to be served.

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Text Message Queuing

Mobile Ticket by Text

Looking to set up a virtual queue that can be accessed via SMS?

Then Mobile Ticket by Text is the answer. Here, customers can text a designated number to enter the queue, choose their desired service, and wait until notified. Simple, easy, and convenient! 

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Forms, surveys, promotions

Message Boxes

With Message Boxes, you can easily add links to forms, feedback surveys, informative videos, or any other page you want to share with your customers while they wait. 

Estimated Wait Time - Mobile Ticket
Improved waiting experience

Estimated Wait Time

Give customers a better understanding of how long they will wait and create a better waiting experience. 

Customer Stories

Stadium logo

“We believe that this will increase the customer experience for customers visiting Stadium. As a customer, you feel noticed and safe waiting for your turn. Simply put, you experience less stress and time pass by faster.”

Björn Nilsson, Head of Customer Experience, Stadium

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