Colleges and Universities

University Appointment Management System

Improve student experiences with appointment scheduling and queuing solutions for universities and colleges

Students don't want to wait in queues. The digital generation expects digital solutions without crowds – and a seamless experience.

Appointment Scheduling

Manage student appointments efficiently

Improve staff efficiency and student experience with Qmatic's Appointment Management Solutions for student centers and administration offices.

  • Enable appointment scheduling for students, and provide staff with the tools to manage appointments efficiently
  • Send automatic notifications and reminders via SMS/email to students
  • Allow students to check in for their appointments on their phones.
Virtual Queue Management

Let students wait anywhere with Mobile Ticket

  • Allow students to wait remotely while monitoring their progress in real-time
  • Send automatic notifications when they're next in line and when it's their turn to be served
reporting & analytics
Business Intelligence

Get actionable insights to improve operational efficiency

Gain insights with up-to-date analytics and reports to make data-driven business decisions, and get actionable information to improve your operations with a real-time dashboard. Get important data such as:

  • 360 overview of student visits
  • Average wait time and service duration
  • Popular services, peak days and hours
  • Appointment data, including: no show-rate, early and late arrivals, and numbers of appointment vs walk-in visits
Staff Applications

Help your staff to provide a better service

Staff applications by Qmatic provide employees with the proper tools to keep them well informed and deliver excellent services.

  • From desktops to tablets, equip staff with the right information on student visits to increase efficiency and service quality
  • Connect students to the right staff members with live information at hand
  • Give employees the flexibility to get out from behind the counter and attend to students more directly and personally.


Customer Feedback

Improve services and operations based on students' feedback

Find out their genuine opinions by letting students rate their experience. Whether immediate feedback to simple questions while still on the premises, or more complex online follow-up surveys, our feedback solutions give you the answers you need to improve the visitor experience.

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