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Female nurse smiling at young girl holding a teddybear

Kings College Hospital (UK)

Qmatic has worked with the children’s clinic at King’s College Hospital to reduce patient waiting times for blood tests by 77% and improved patient data visibility. Hear from the Children’s Ambulatory Matron at the hospital on the impact that optimised queue management has had on the patient experience.

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Male doctor talking to female patient

Atlanta area hospital (US)

This premier Atlanta area hospital, founded in the late 1800s, is one of the largest health systems in the United States. From a humble beginning as a clinic with just over 100 beds, it is now one of the country‘s largest public hospitals, prepped for patients 24/7.

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Healthcare team collaborating on tablet

CHU de Montpellier (FR)

CHU de Montpellier is ranked as one of the best hospitals in France. Assisted by Qmatic software, the hospital has been able to tackle long waiting times for patients in the main entrance and for the care units. Read about how self-service check-in, live tracking of patient numbers and other features have improved patient satisfaction and staff efficiency.

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Two females and one man standing in front of a Qmatic kiosk

City of Wolverhampton Council (UK)

Like many local government organisations, the City of Wolverhampton Council is committed to protecting and improving the services it delivers to its 250,000+ residents, despite facing skills shortages, increased efficiency targets, and more demands on time and budget.

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Landscape view of Humboldt University

Humboldt University of Berlin (DE)

Humboldt University of Berlin is one of Germany‘s 11 universities of excellence. When it comes to international comparisons, the University is also one of the top 10 German institutions of higher education.

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Queuing Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

Manchester Metropolitan University is the one of the largest universities in the UK founded in 1824. With 38,000 students, 5000 employees and more than 1,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses, Manchester Met educates and trains large numbers of legal and business professionals, scientists, engineers, teachers, health workers and creative professionals.

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Retail worker next to a display

Valk Fresh Food Market (NL)

With 900 m2 of floor space, the first Valk Fresh Food Market in The Netherlands is not only spacious but also combines focus on small scale produced products and an ultramodern shopping experience.

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ICA Maxi Erikslund (SE)

ICA boost its online shopping with fast and simple drive-thru with Click and Collect from Qmatic. Since ICA Maxi Erikslund started its online initiative, the store has become the largest outlet for online shopping within ICA – the leading grocery retailer in Sweden with around 1300 stores.

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Overview of Apotekets store entrance with big sign

Apoteket AB (SE)

Apoteket AB is the leading pharmacy in Sweden and one of the country’s most loved brands. With over 390 different pharmacies and 3400 employees, Apoteket helps customers all over the country by offering pharmaceutical services to consumers and the healthcare sector. Apoteket serves 150,000 customers every day and has 34 million visits annually.

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Smiling employee of Telia standing in one of their concept stores

Telia (SE)

Using Qmatic solutions, Telia reshapes its traditional retail environment, demonstrating an innovative and inspiring experience for its customers. With its new concept store, the company blurs the line between the physical and digital world.

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Qmatic kiosk standing on a red desk

Capitec Bank (ZA)

South Africa bank Capitec Bank was launched in 2001 on an extremely competitive market with well-established competitors. In its strategy to position itself, Capitec Bank CEO Riaan Stassen revealed its new branch concept early in 2012; the concept is based on the bank’s principle of personal service and accessibility.

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Hands holding a tablet

Bankia (ES)

Bankia was founded in 2010 following the merger of six regional banks. In 2013, Bankia decided to meet one of the major needs of its banking ustomers: accessibility, giving both, customers and non-customers, the option of going to the bank outside regular opening times and providing them with great service.

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