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Introducing an Omnichannel Customer Experience at Omniva Post Offices

In the spring of 2020, Qmatic's partner Hansab installed new Customer Journey Management Systems at Omniva, the Estonian national postal service provider, post offices. The new systems were installed extremely quickly - 20 systems were installed within two months of the project's launch. The centrally managed system consists of Qmatic's self-service kiosks and media displays. 

At the post office located in Kristiine Shopping Center, a pilot project was launched to introduce a solution where it is possible to enter a virtual queue using a mobile device.

Hansab developed a QR code-based system specifically for Omniva. "With this solution, customers can get in line virtually using their mobile phone instead of a printed ticket as before," said Kristo Kaljuvee, Automated Solutions Field Manager of Hansab AS. "It is a contactless solution, and the customer does not have to touch the printer. All you have to do is scan the QR code with your phone and the queue number will appear on the phone screen."  



When customers at the post offices are experiencing longer wait times than average. For example, during peak hours. The new virtual queuing solution allows customers to use their time more efficiently and perform other tasks inside the shopping center and at nearby places while waiting for their turn. Via the mobile phone screen, the visitor of the post office receives real-time information about the queue's progress and service time.



According to Jaanika Lindre, Head of Kristiine Centre's post office, customers have quickly embraced the new solution. "Today, our service staff recommend people to take their queuing ticket on their mobile phone - this way, customers can better use their waiting time," said Lindre. 



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