Healthcare facilities are under enormous pressure to provide an improved quality of care to more patients while coping with limited available resources.


Delivering Efficient Services

Healthcare systems are under close scrutiny by society. With patients having a bigger say in what they choose and demand for, government policy is impacted and in turn, healthcare providers. Healthcare needs to become demand-driven to satisfy the needs of citizens and governments.

Caregivers often neglect the social aspects of the patients’ experience as these are often more difficult to measure than clinical outcomes. From the very start, they want to feel reassured, cared for, and respected. They also want healthcare professionals to listen to, understand, and remember them.

How we use mobile technology to empower patients and employees is changing. Data is being used to redesign processes and make interactions more patient centric. Concepts such as value-based care, in which care is paid for based on patient outcomes, is the way forward in order to be able to balance the rise of healthcare cost and increasing patient frustrations.

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Patient Churn

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Qmatic - Improving Patient Experience

  • Streamline customer-facing processes, provide faster services and more transparent processes reducing waiting times
  • Empowering patients to be in control and giving them choice of when and who to see
  • Letting patients understand and trust the process by making them feel known, valued and treated fairly
  • Let your patients know where they are in the process and when they will be served, helping them make informed decisions
  • Enable customers provide feedback, in real-time providing powerful insights into patient satisfaction
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