Customer Journey Management

An all-in-one platform for you to deliver a seamless customer experience, from start to end

Qmatic customer journey management platform helps you manage customer experience before, during, and after services. From appointment booking and arrival process, to service delivery and feedback collection, manage everything within one platform.

For customers

Improve customer experience

  • Give customers the flexibility to choose when and how they access your services – physical, digital, or a mix of both
  • Let customers to wait remotely with Mobile Ticket
  • Enable virtual service delivery with video meeting tools for customers who cannot attend the meeting in person
  • Keep customers informed and updated throughout the whole journey with automated notifications and on-premise displays
For management

Streamline the organization and get the right data

Whether you are operating in retail, finance, healthcare or the public sector, customer journey management creates opportunities for improved resource planning and cost savings.

  • Improve service efficiency by matching customer needs and priorities with staff availability and skills
  • Distribute staff workload evenly during the day
  • Collect data from each touchpoint to improve performance while opening up benchmarking opportunities
  • Identify areas for improvement with historical data, insights, analytics, and performance reports
For staff

Increase operational and staff efficiency

  • Get full control of customer flow and branch occupancy
  • Increase staff efficiency by automating admin tasks and workflows
  • Get insights into the operations with a real-time dashboard, helping branch managers or staff to make decisions on the spot based on data
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Customer journey management by Qmatic - key features


Appointment management

Let customers schedule appointments online or by phone, allowing you to distribute workload evenly throughout the day and creating a better balance between scheduled and walk-in visits.


Queue management

Optimize the customer flow, minimize queues and waiting time and create the perfect customer experience with your own queue management system.


Virtual queuing

Let customers wait from anywhere with Mobile Ticket, with a real-time view of their place in the queue and notifications when it's their turn to be served.


Self check-in

Allow customers to check in online with their mobile phone, or on-premise with a self-service kiosk, relieving some of the workloads from the staff for them to focus more on delivering excellent services.


Reporting and analytics

Gain insights with up-to-date analytics and reports to make data-driven business decisions, and get actionable information to improve your operations with a real-time dashboard.


Virtual meetings

Serve customers remotely when they are not able to make it in person. Enable a hybrid workforce and offer accessible services to residents with both physical and virtual delivery.


Messaging services

Keep customers updated at all touchpoints with automated text messages and emails, so they know what to expect and what to do. Send appointment confirmation, reminders, and other notifications before their visit.


Staff application

Provide staff with the right information on customer visits to increase efficiency and service quality. Using any gadget, staff can have live information at hand while being mobile to greet or serve customers.


Customer feedback

Send an automated online survey right after the customer's visit to get their feedback.

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