Customer Journey Management

We live in a world where bad customer experience has severe effects on businesses. As customers' expectations evolve, customer-centric companies need new solutions to improve their customers' journey. On this page, you'll discover the value of customer journey management.

What is customer journey management?

Customer journey management is a relatively new term and often referred to as the process of optimizing the customer journey.

In our opinion, it's more than that. Customer journey management is not only about creating happier customers but also improving the operations for employees and managers.

Understanding your customers’ journeys help you gain a broader perspective of how people engage providing the insight and resources you need to succeed.


Queue Management vs.
Customer Journey Management

A common mistake is that many confuse Queue Management and Customer Journey Management.

Queue Management

In 1981 Qmatic developed the world's first electronic queue system. The solution back then mainly focused on improving the customer's queue experience inside, e.g., a restaurant. The system was designed around the arrival, waiting, and serving experience - which distinguishes the queue management system. It's about improving the queue experience.


Customer Journey Management

Since 1981 a lot has happened, not least customers' behavior and expectations. Technology has expanded the customer journey. Now you as a service provider are not just looking for a solution to improve the waiting experience, but rather your customers' entire journey including every touchpoint from pre-arrival to post serving. As the customer journey evolved, a new system was developed with all modern features in mind such as; online appointment booking, self-check-in, virtual tickets, mobile staff solutions, feedback apps, operations management, and analysis tools.

Why customer journey management?

Improve customer experience

The customer journey begins at the moment of engagement and continues through every online, mobile, and physical interaction. By managing your customer journey you can improve every touchpoint from pre-arrival to post-service.

Streamline the organization

By gathering real-time data from each customer touchpoint, you can enhance performance while opening up benchmarking opportunities. Whether you are operating in retail, finance, healthcare or the public sector, customer journey management creates opportunities for improved resource planning and cost savings.

Provide service in a safe way

By managing the customer journey, you can get full control of your customer flow and branch occupancy, ensuring that social distancing is practiced while delivering excellent services.


How does customer journey management work?

To succeed with customer journey management, most customer-centric organizations use a customer journey management system, which is a combination of software and hardware that helps you manage your entire customer journey. It includes tools that help you monitor, plan, and manage all customer touchpoints. 

Watch the video to follow a customer journey and see more of the advantages.


What results do our customers achieve?

Increased customer satisfaction from 45% to 90%

By reducing waiting time and improving the service experience, you can increase customers’ perception of your organization. For example, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office managed to decrease their wait times with 75% after implementing a customer journey management system from Qmatic. After conducting a survey, the results showed a 90% satisfaction rate among staff, and the customer satisfaction rate went from 45% service satisfaction to 90%, of which 78% were extremely satisfied with the service.

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