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Great experiences on demand

Qmatic Experience Cloud is an intuitive, dynamic all-in-one platform for effortlessly delighting your customers, empowering your people, boosting your operations – and adapting on the fly. Just add what you need, when you need it.

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Only pay for the customers you serve

Qmatic Experience Cloud uses a subscription model. But what’s special is you pay for how many customers you have. Now you can budget for each great customer experience, each empowering staff engagement and each smoothly efficient interaction. And you can see where and how to get the most value.  


Flexible, scalable and future-proof 

You’re also free to choose the functionality you need and respond to sudden changes and new demands. Add and adapt functionality or scale up – just choose what you want, when you wantand leave the setup, hosting and maintenance of your solution to us. 


Fast ROI, low TCO

Compared to an on-premise installation, the Qmatic Experience Cloud is automatically set up, hosted and maintained. Which means a lower start-up cost, lower Total Cost of Ownership and easy assurance that your solution is always up to date.  

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The platform to build and operate your ideal solution

Your operation is unique. And only you know how and where you can deliver an outstanding customer experience at the same time as getting the best employee experience and operational efficiency. Qmatic Experience Cloud is an accessible and flexible platform, designed to give you all the options and always put you in control.

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Customer Stories

The City of Brussels

Discover how the City of Brussels improved public access to its 500+ services and digitally transformed its operations with Qmatic Experience Cloud.

Everything you need, on demand


Staff Applications

Raise the level of efficiency and service across every part of the visit by empowering customers and keeping staff well informed. From desktops to tablets, connect your customers to the right staff with the right information. 



Digital Signage

Use our simple, intuitive software to edit and design your customer information and messaging. Make use of Qmatic digital signage hardware or, for advanced digital signage and context marketing, easily integrate with specialist solutions from 3rd parties like easescreen, Scala, and Grassfish.

Keep your feet on the ground. And reach for the clouds.

There are clear advantages and added value for many organizations to using a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS), all-in-one platform:  

  • Only pay for the customers you have 
  • Always have the functionality you need 
  • Flexible, scalable and future-proof investment 
  • Setup, hosting and maintenance via Qmatic (AWS) 

    Compared to on-prem solution: 
  • Quicker to go live 
  • Faster ROI 
  • Lower TCO 
  • Less hassle for IT 
  • Always up-to-date 

How Qmatic Experience Cloud works:

Faster project roll out, implementation and efficient operations for reduced time to value. 

With the Qmatic Experience Cloud Platform we keep your solution current and aligned with the latest security and compliance requirements over time in a scalable fashion. And to reduce security risks, your solution is automatically upgraded and updated so you always run the latest version.

Scale seamless with client transaction volume. Fault-tolerant with high focus on business continuity, high availability and more.

The Qmatic Experience Platform ensures proactive monitoring and problem mitigation, providing self-diagnostics and recommendations automatically as well as triggering appropriate alarms and more.

With weekly or daily software updates we ensure that you are always running on the latest version without operational disruption. 

Take advantage of easy access to the latest capabilities and features as they become available.

Qmatic Experience Cloud makes it easy to offer smooth customer journeys and deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint, from booking an appointment online to check-in and service to feedback. Download the product sheet to read more!
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