Customer journey solutions in banking

Create a personalized, omnichannel customer experience from online appointment booking to a seamless bank queuing system

From online to onsite, Qmatic's solutions are designed to inform, empower, and engage your customers, helping you create a seamless customer journey in banking. With mobile applications, your customers can easily book an appointment, check in quickly, and remain updated while they wait. And with extensive data at your fingertips, you can identify what customers want so that you can personalize their future experiences.  


Personalize the customer journey

With detailed information about your customers' online behaviour and needs, your employees can prepare a personalized experience in-branch, which helps optimize transaction times and increases the chances to up and cross-sell.


Increase your ROI

Identify high-value transactions, then manage branch visits by scheduling appointments that pair the right staff member with the right customer, giving customers a personalized service and your employees more chance of closing a deal.


Create a seamless omnichannel experience

Give your customers an omnichannel experience from online to offline. Keep them informed and empowered so they have optimal control over their banking activities and a level of personalized attention they can't find anywhere else.


Improve staff efficiency

By allowing customers to easily book an appointment online and bypass long queuing times onsite, you can improve your resource planning and organize your staff so they can execute their services efficiently when customers arrive.

reporting & analytics

Optimize data for a better customer experience

With detailed analytics, like your customer's visit history, you can create actual, measurable intelligence that you can use to save time and build a tailored, seamless customer experience.

Customer centred banking services – effective from start to finish

Make the customer journey in banking effortless, from appointment scheduling to a bespoke service


Customers can find a branch, select the service and/or personnel they require, and schedule an appointment. They will get automated booking confirmation, reminders, and notifications via messages and emails.


Arrival and check-in

When customers arrive, they can quickly check-in via self-service kiosks, mobile devices, or reception. These options are available for walk-in customers as well.

Arrival and check-in

Remote waiting (for walk-in customers)

For walk-in customers, they can wait remotely with Mobile Ticket. With real-time updates, they can monitor their place in the queue and get notified when it's their time to get served. 

Remote waiting (for walk-in customers)

Service - virtual or on-site

Customers with a scheduled appointment can get served virtually if they opt for it in the booking, through virtual meeting.

Service - virtual or on-site

Customer feedback

After service, customers are invited to provide immediate feedback through an online survey.

Customer feedback

Key features


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Improve your banking services with customer-centric solutions

  • Reshape the customers' experience by personalizing their journeys 
  • Equip your staff with the tools to identify cross- and upselling opportunities
  • Get the key data and insights into your business to improve revenue and profit
  • Create a seamless omnichannel experience from online to offline



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