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The best financial experiences help customers and employees engage and achieve their goals in a pleasant environment.


Delivering Efficient Services

Qmatic solutions meet that need by minimizing actual and perceived wait times, targeting expertise and promotions, and personalizing every touch point.

From online through onsite, inform and empower your customers

  • Internet and location-based mobile applications enable the customer to find a branch, schedule an appointment, and prepare for the appointment before arriving on site
  • On arrival, the customer can check quickly in via self-service kiosks, mobile devices or reception
  • While waiting, they remain informed about their upcoming appointment via mobile virtual queuing alerts and gain relevant insights from digital signage throughout the environment
  • At the end of the appointment, the customer is invited to provide immediate feedback about their experience using a mobile device equipped with a state-of-the-art Qmatic application

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Smart operational tools help employees personalize each interaction

  • From the moment a customer schedules an appointment via the web, mobile device or call center, employees have the information needed to prepare the right onsite or remote expert for a productive engagement
  • To maximize resource allocation and minimize waiting times, customers are segmented by service need and tracked via software that creates a full view of the current service situation
  • Mobile virtual queuing solutions equip employees to connect with customers wherever they are, keeping the customer informed and sustaining a higher level of productivity
  • Complete customer service history data is captured during every engagement, stored, and accessed through real-time dashboards to drive personalization
  • Post-service customer feedback combines with wait time and transaction time data to generate the analytics needed for continuous operational improvements and a better customer experience

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Safer queuing with virtual solutions

Interested in virtual queuing? Download our virtual queuing guide to learn more. 

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