Self-service kiosks

Optimize the customer flow, reduce queues and wait times and improve customer experience with self-service kiosks for arrival and check-in.

Check-in kiosk 22 floor Check-in kiosk 22 floor Check-in kiosk 22 floor
Key Benefits

Why Self-Service Kiosks?

Streamline your customer flow, reduce wait times, and enhance operational efficiency with our self-service kiosks. From registration and check-in to queue management, we create a seamless customer experience at your premises.

Enhance Customer Experience


  • Improve the service experience and increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer a personalized and unified experience based on service needs
  • Create a relaxed and enjoyable service environment 

Improve Operations


  • Reduce waiting times and queues, and enhance customer flow
  • Segment customers to avoid unnecessary waiting
  • Free up employees to manage higher-level tasks for better service quality and optimized staff productivity
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction

Increase Sales


  • Attract more customers and increase foot traffic
  • Match staff member to customer needs and build trust and customer loyalty
  • Reduce transaction times, walkaways and no-shows
  • Identify customers for cross-selling and upselling
Qmatic Certified Hardware

Check-in Kiosks

Check-in kiosk 22 floor Elo_Qmatic
Qmatic Certified hardware

Check-in Kiosks

Qmatic's certified Check-in Kiosks from Elo are designed to offer the perfect solution for your customers to check in for an appointment or get in line for different services upon arrival, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Whether in healthcare settings, public institutions, retail, or banking, these versatile and low-maintenance kiosks are ready for frequent use.

With our certified hardware devices, you get the latest technology available, future-proof compatibility, and longevity to safeguard your investment.

  • Ready for intense use in public settings
  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Ticket or ticketless check-in
  • Multi-language support
  • 22" and 10" display sizes available
  • Floor, counter, and wall mounting options
  • Operates on all modern Qmatic platforms 
  • Software to customize the touch screen as you like
  • Optional peripherals such as barcode/QR code scanner
Check-in Kiosk 22
Qmatic Certified Hardware

Check-in Kiosk 22"

The Check-in Kiosk 22”, is designed to help you offer the ultimate solution for your customers to check in for an appointment or get in line for different services. 

The advanced, high-quality check-in kiosk is equipped with a 22-inch commercial-grade touchscreen display with support for various accessories, including barcode/QR code scanner, MSR/NFC reader, and assist button, enabling you to make your customer journey more accessible and effortless.

The Check-in Kiosk 22” offers flexible mounting options. Choose from floor-standing, countertop, or wall-mounted, as well as single-sided and double-sided. 

Check-in Kiosk 22 Value-1
Qmatic Certified Hardware

Check-in Kiosk 22" Value

The Check-in Kiosk 22” Value, is a commercial-grade kiosk with a slim design and a built-in printer that brings all the essential features needed for appointment check-in and queuing.

The 22-inch touchscreen display can be used in portrait/landscape orientation and be mounted on a tabletop or floor stand. The slim and light design makes it fit any space and is perfect for high-traffic public environments like retail, public offices, and hospitals.

Check-in Kiosk 10
Qmatic Certified Hardware

Check-in Kiosk 10"

The Check-in Kiosk 10” is a powerful, compact kiosk with a built-in printer and a highly responsive, fast 10-inch touchscreen with commercial-grade reliability.

With its small footprint, you can easily place it in tight spaces in various environments, such as retail, public offices, labs, and pharmacies. The check-in kiosk can be mounted as floor standing or placed on a countertop.

Pole mount
Qmatic Certified Hardware

Check-in Kiosk 10" Printerless

The Check-in Kiosk 10” Printerless is the perfect choice for organizations looking to provide ticketless check-ins and queue entries.

The check-in kiosk is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen with commercial-grade reliability and is compatible with a barcode scanner. The touchscreen offers a fast and sensitive response and is mounted on a stable yet ultra-slim pole stand.

Tickets for Qmatic kiosks

Put your message directly into the hands of your visitors

For consistent, reliable printing and professional quality results choose Genuine Tickets from Qmatic.

Our tickets are produced from custom thermal paper for lower power consumption and high printing quality to perform best together with our printer hardware, giving you outstanding value and selection.

The tickets can be customized and are BPA-free, RoHS compliant, certified under FSC regulation, and 100% recyclable.

experience cloud portal
Qmatic Experience Cloud

Get in control of the entire customer journey

Get the best out of your kiosks by connecting them to a complete customer journey management solution that can manage your customers before, during, and after services. From appointment booking, through the arrival process, to service delivery and feedback collection - all in one platform. 

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