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What do you need to achieve from your customer journeys today? And what are your ambitions for the future? Orchestra 7 gives you the platform to decide both on your own terms – and find the perfect fit.

Orchestra 7 is a modular, scalable and world-class platform for customer journey management where you only pay for the value you need. Always knowing that Orchestra can grow with you over time, and as your ambitions develop. Whether you need simple yet ultra-smooth queue management on your premises. Whether you need a full customer experience, both physical and via smartphone, seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and providing powerful business intelligence.

Or most likely something in between that suits your specific environment and number of users.

Think of Orchestra as the perfect fit for your customer journeys, creating rich experiences for your customers, rewarding work environments for staff and deep insights and business value for your organization.

Manage your Customer Journeys

  • Modular
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Powerful
  • Intelligent

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Orchestra 7 gives you a lot of choice. With modules for how you want to interact with customers, how you want to handle data and integration, and whether you want the solution to be on the premises or cloud-based, the possibilities are endless.

But the choices are simple. At each step, you choose modules based on your needs today – with Qmatic or your local Qmatic Partner there to guide you and answer any questions. Then, after you’re up and running and already seeing a return on your investment, you can explore further modules to fit your future plans.

Qmatic and our network of trusted partners come with more than 30 years’ experience, over 65,000 successful installations around the world and over 2 billion customer journeys handled each year. Through all this, we’ve learnt a thing or two about delivering the most valuable solutions to customers as well as a simpler, more comfortable buying process designed around your needs. So talk to us and let’s see how Orchestra can help.

Take the pain out of GDPR

Orchestra 7 is GDPR ready and comes with built-on functionality for personal data management that helps you stay GDPR compliant

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Explore the news in Orchestra 7

If you already make use of Orchestra in your organization, you will still enjoy the same rich functionality of your current solution. You’ll notice there are a few new upgrades and re-designed interfaces but the main difference with Orchestra 7 is that we’ve made the modules more flexible and the solution easier to scale to your organization.

Journey Manager

Understand and shape every part of the customer experience. The high-performance Journey Manager supports advanced business rules and queuing logic. Fully configurable and extendable, it is designed to meet the unique and changing needs of your organization.

  • Centralized control over user access, system functionality,and business intelligence
  • Distributed operations, installations, and upgrades with built-in network break tolerance
  • Integrated functionality, web-based installation, and assimilation with leading business platforms

Choose from three powerful levels

Establish basic rules for managing ineractions.

Transfer customers based on their needs and set service levels – with the same visit allowing multiple

Personalize based on segmentation. And explore multi-service options.

Appointment solutions

Find the right solution for your environment. Let your customers schedule appointments online and smoothly move from check-in to service.

Scheduling capabilities fully integrate with queuing and self-service check-in modules within Orchestra and other third party online systems to streamline each customer journey. From the moment someone books an appointment, you are informed to select the best employees and resources to handle customer volume and needs.

Covering your needs

Within each of the following areas, you have a choice of modules to help deliver the perfect customer journey for your environment.

Communicate | Collect | Serve | Infrastructure | Ecosystem | Business Intelligence


Your customer’s journey starts with your very first interaction. Whether it is mobile, text or digital, we can help you deliver the most attentive customer engagement.

  • Staff Notification
    Enable staff productivity by having information at their fingertips that make it easier to provide great customer service.
  • Customer Notification
    Live up to your customer’s expectations by keeping them informed on every step of their journey.
  • SMS
    Communicate with your clients via text for a seamless experience.
  • Voice Announcements
    Keep your customers updated through audio with efficient and direct information.
  • Media Displays
    Showcase messages and relevant content in your environment.
  • Digital Signage
    Create tailored content that informs and engages your customers.
  • Context Marketing
    Design more personal and relevant interactions by having insights into their needs.
  • Mobile Tickets
    Allow your customers to queue virtually using their phone to access your ticketless system.


Always know how well you are meeting needs. Continually improve customer and employee engagement by capturing feedback and monitoring interactions.

  • Transaction Outcomes
    Monitor transactions, staff and processes to create greater efficiencies.
  • Customer Feedback SaaS
    Use online surveys to gain insight into your visitors’ experience. Supports multiple types of questions and conditional follow-up questions.
  • Branch Customer Feedback
    Collect feedback from customers while they are in your physical location.


Raise the level of efficiency and service across every part of the visit. From desktops to tablets, connect the right staff with the right information to your customers.

  • Counter Terminal
    Streamline the process and empower your customer to check in and know the next steps.
  • Reception Terminal
    Check in quickly and easily with a well-informed staff member.


Gain total control over the customer experience from one location. Manage your operations from a central server to ensure that you always stay up and operating.

  • Hardware Monitoring
    Keep an eye on your platform from a central location to know all hardware is functioning correctly.
  • Auditing
    Log and report all user activities and configuration changes made in the system.
  • Surface Editor
  • Manage digital surfaces across multiple locations with a true web-based what-you-see-is what-you-get interface.
  • LDAP
  • Grant specific user permissions allowing access only to information they need.


Maximize the value of your investment with flexible integrations to external systems. Seamlessly exchange information between your existing business systems, devices and users.

  • HL7
    Meet international standards to transfer clinical and administrative data between applications used by various healthcare providers.
  • WFM
    Pull in the data of your workforce management tools to further optimize performance.
  • Entry Point
    Manage the initial interaction and collect data as the customer journey begins.
  • Service Point
    Whether face-to-face or self-service, track the interactions as your customer engages.
  • Digital Signage
    Connect with your digital signage solutions to create a complete ecosystem.

Business intelligence

Choose the data that best provides you the ability to stay nimble. From real-time analytics to historical insights, tailor your dashboards to most effectively impact your current operations.

  • Standard Reports
    Automated reports offer the most important business metrics, trends and exceptions.
  • Custom Reports
    Customize reports for analytics to give you the insights and information that you need for your business
  • Dashboard
    Gain a real-time view of useful, actionable information about how well your operations are working.
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