Public sector

Customer experience management for public sector

Digitally transform and integrate your customer services online and onsite with omnichannel experience management solutions

Provide better customer experience and more efficient services with omnichannel solutions

Qmatic solutions are designed to bring your services online and combine them with an efficient onsite experience. Make it easier for customers to book appointments, reduce their onsite waiting times, and get vital business intelligence to plan your resources better to deliver excellent services.


Provide flexibility and accessible services for customers

Qmatic’s omnichannel solutions enable you to support in-branch services but also offer outstanding remote assistance, making your services accessible to all customers.

  • Give accessible options for all customers – let them choose how and when to schedule an appointment, check in, and where to wait
  • Enable alternatives to in-branch services, including Mobile Ticket for remote waiting with real-time updates, virtual meeting platform for remote services, and online feedback

Improve communication and transparency

Create a calm, relaxed environment by reducing wait times and eliminating uncertainties.
  • Help customers prepare for their visit with booking confirmation, reminders, and notifications
  • Keep customers informed at every touchpoint with regular updates and automated notifications through messaging services, Mobile Ticket, or digital signage.
  • Enable customers to monitor their place in the queue, reducing the perceived waiting time

Increase operational efficiency

  • Manage staff workload with automated admin tasks, streamlined workflows, and self-service options for customers
  • Distribute workload evenly during the day, and plan resources in advance
  • Create automated visitor and queue segmentations
  • Let staff take a proactive approach in managing visitor flows with a real-time dashboard and statistics, giving them a clear view of service demand and quality, feedback and waiting times
  • Create a better balance between booked appointments and walk-in visits with appointment management

Get actionable insights from all touchpoints

Get detailed data and insights to optimize your operations, along with extensive statistics and reports on the entire organization to help you improve your operations. Qmatic Business Intelligence include:

  • 360 overview of your visitors
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Average wait time and service time
  • Appointment data, including: no show-rate, early and late arrivals, and numbers of appointment vs walk-in visits
  • Staff and branch performances
  • Historical insights and demand forecast
Customer stories

"I would absolutely recommend it to any public jurisdiction that has a public service center. Qmatic is a great system for ticketing and queuing and much more"

Breanna Phelps, Service Center Manager

Focus on the quality of citizens' experiences

See how our solutions can help you combine online to onsite experiences to reduce long waiting times, improve your staff’s workloads, and give residents’ the services they demand. Qmatic’s omnichannel solutions includes:


Appointment scheduling

Let customers schedule their appointments online. Distribute staff workload evenly throughout the day and regulate visitor flow for better efficiency.


Self check-in

Allow customers to check in online with their mobile phone, or on-premise with a self-service kiosk, relieving some of the workloads from the staff for them to focus more on delivering excellent services.


Virtual queuing

Let customers wait from anywhere with Mobile Ticket, with a real-time view of their place in the queue and notifications when it's their turn to be served.


Virtual meetings

Serve customers remotely when they are not able to make it in person. Enable a hybrid workforce and offer accessible services to residents with both physical and virtual delivery.


Reporting and analytics

Gain insights with up-to-date analytics and reports to make data-driven business decisions, and get actionable information to improve your operations with a real-time dashboard.


Staff application

Equip staff with the right information on resident visits to increase efficiency and service quality. Using any gadget, staff can have live information at hand while being mobile to greet or serve customers.


Messaging services

Keep customers updated at all touchpoints with automated text messages and emails, so they know what to expect and what to do. Send appointment confirmations, reminders, and other notifications before their visit.


Digital signage

Make it easy for visitors to find their way around on the premises, and keep them informed and entertained while waiting.


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