The Public Sector is facing unprecedented changes in delivering services in an effective and efficient manner across the world.


Delivering Efficient Services

Governments across the world are increasingly focusing their efforts on delivering services to their citizens more effectively through a step change in operational efficiency. This is set against a backdrop of the rise of the digitally oriented, on-demand, smart device-savvy, citizen who wants to access the services they need through their preferred channels and with as little friction as possible.

The public sector – be that government, its agencies or even public health organizations – are today taking lessons from the private sector placing the citizen at its heart to deliver a seamless, integrated customer journey, which can simplify and accelerate citizens’ access to government services in the most efficient way possible.

In an era of increasingly restricted public sector budgets, many government operations are confronted with the need to do more with the same resources. For many the need to deliver high quality services, which are easier and more efficient to access, lies at the heart of the challenge facing governments across the world.

In the era of Digital Transformation – impacting both citizen and public sector alike – the challenge therefore is the delivery of frictionless, efficient interaction.

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Qmatic - Improving Government Efficiency

  • Resource, operations and budget efficiencies through monitoring and controlling appointment levels, matching employee capacity to volume
  • Delivers space optimization to accommodate higher volume and improved use of waiting space
  • Continuous improvement drives through real-time citizen feedback, and performance data and benchmark reports
  • Maintaining a relaxed environment at every touch point to help the citizen move comfortably from appointment through post-service
  • Minimizing appointment anxiety and maximizing appointment attendance
  • Reduced actual and perceived waiting times with relevant communications via mobile, SMS and digital signage
  • Improved service quality by matching citizens with skilled employees.
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