Citizen flow is critical to delivering the best possible public services experience. But skills shortages, increased efficiency targets, and added time and budget pressures make it a real challenge.


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Governments across the world are increasingly focusing their efforts on delivering services that keep their citizens moving more effectively – and eliminating the pain of waiting in line. This is set against a backdrop of the rise of the digitally oriented, on-demand, smart device-savvy citizen who wants to access the services they need through their preferred channels and with as little friction as possible.

Providing the best possible experience for a range of citizens isn’t easy. Then there’s the ongoing pressure of regulatory changes and data privacy. And it becomes a real challenge when you’re faced with skills shortages, increased efficiency targets, and more demands on your time and budget than ever before.

Qmatic provides the digital intelligence public services need to analyse the experience of citizens and staff. We help government institutions get the most value from their resources, without adding to personal workloads.

We understand the citizen journey – it’s in our DNA – and have proven the benefits of our global experience with many public services providers. We offer complete customer journey management and implementation, including experience design, mobile solutions, technical deployment, measurement and ongoing support, so you have everything you need to hit your efficiency targets.

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Public services: striving for satisfaction.
A report on the urgent need for better service and experience.

Qmatic Trend ReportOver the last 10 years, the public sector has changed significantly as it strives to keep pace with new challenges. We know that as a public services provider, you want to support citizens every step of the way – but customer experience management isn’t easy.

Our new report highlights the changing demands, pressures and technical challenges in public services. Plus, the urgent need to improve service and deliver better citizen experiences.

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6 ways to keep citizens moving

Public services buildings are often busy places. But if you adopt the right flow strategy, it’s possible to keep citizens moving through the system, while providing a better experience and improving overall service quality for everyone involved.

Our infographic will show you how to achieve this.

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