Reliable, effective SMS messaging that brings customers closer – with a platform that is straightforward to set up and cost-efficient to operate.

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SMS is vital in today’s customer journeys 

Increasingly, customers are demanding information and access to services on their own terms – and as quickly and smoothly as possible. If not, they will look elsewhere and those businesses and organizations will struggle to stay competitive and relevant.

Communication via text message (SMS) is preferred by customers. Usage statistics* show that 98% of all text messages are opened, compared to just 20% of emails. What’s more, 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered. As a result, the ability to communicate via SMS is vital in today's customer journeys.

*Source: www.smscomparison.com/mass-text-messaging/2022-statistics

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Connect with customers wherever they are in their journey

  • Build better customer relationships
    Strengthen relationships and make communication more direct via SMS messaging. Meet customers’ needs today and tomorrow – and on their own terms.
  • Increase customer retention
    Increase brand loyalty by integrating SMS messaging into an omnichannel customer experience.
  • Keep customers well-prepared and informed
    Send automated appointment confirmations, reminders, and other relevant information before the upcoming appointment via SMS to ensure customers arrive prepared and on time for their appointment.
  • Reduce no-show rates
    Send out timely reminders to avoid that your customers miss their appointment and reduce your no-show rates. Customers will receive an SMS reminder that their appointment is coming up and can easily cancel or reschedule if necessary.
  • Empower customers to get in line
    Empower customers to join a queue from anywhere via SMS. Customers can simply send an SMS to enter a queue for the service they require and follow their queue progress with automated SMS notifications.
  • Notify staff
    Allow staff to be instantly notified when a customer has arrived for an appointment or when the defined SLA (Service Level Agreement) has been reached.



Robust, cost-efficient setup and operation

Qmatic Messaging Services makes it easy for you to communicate via SMS, without the need for local SMS gateways and different partners in different countries and networks. Qmatic takes care of the network registration and makes sure that you are continuously within the latest local laws and regulations.

Built on a robust platform, Qmatic Messaging Services ensures optimized delivery rates and performance. Qmatic Messaging Services also works seamlessly with our appointment and virtual queuing solutions to create the ideal solution, bringing additional features to boost your customer experience with text message queuing and usage reports.

  • Set up SMS service on one platform
  • Deal with one partner across different countries/networks
  • Predict and control SMS costs
  • Ensure optimized delivery rates and performance
  • Get full usage reports 
  • Combine with notifications and virtual queuing

Pay based on your consumption

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Simply choose the package or packages that reflect where your customers are based and the volume of SMS segments you will send – and let Qmatic handle the rest. Qmatic Messaging Services also allow you to easily predict and control the costs of your customer messaging.

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