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Qmatic Care

Care and Orchestra are the perfect fit, and together they keep everything rolling smoothly.


No time for disruptions

Think of Qmatic Care as your own personal enthusiastic tech buddy. In fact, think of it as an entire team of resourceful developers and proactive technicians, all dedicated to optimizing and streamlining your customer journey management system.

Constantly hard at work on things like technical updates and security upgrades, Care anticipates and prevents potential disruptions and ensures nothing can jeopardize the customer experience.

Care and Orchestra are the perfect fit, and together they keep everything rolling smoothly.

So which Care plan should I choose?

We offer three main Care plans: Care Base, Care Plus and Care Premium, as research and experience has shown us that different organizations and industries have very diverse needs when it comes to support and maintenance.

Care Base

  • Specialist email support
  • Software maintenance
  • Version updates

Care Premium

  • Industry-specific specialist email & phone support
  • Software maintenance
  • Version updates
  • New software upgrades
  • Offsite & onsite system optimization audit
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Early adopter input
  • eLearning
Whatever your industry, Qmatic Care ensures your system is always optimized and working perfectly.
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Qmatic keeps it simple

The customer journey can be complex, but Qmatic keeps it simple. Our precision engineered hardware and software streamline every step of the customer journey, from self-service kiosks and online booking modules to interactive administration, control and support tools, statistical analysis systems and business intelligence modules.

And Care is always there, optimizing your system, preventing potential disruptions and ensuring nothing jeopardizes the customer experience. Together, Orchestra and Care are the perfect fit.

Woman sitting at computer using Qmatic eLearning

eLearning – make the most of your system

Care Plus and Premium include Level 1 of Qmatic eLearning, an invaluable online resource to make sure that you optimize your work and get the most out of your Qmatic solution. Here you can hone and refresh existing skills, or develop new ones. And of course, eLearning makes onboarding new staff fast and convenient. 

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