Visitor management system

Welcome guests safely, give a personalized service, and improve efficiency with visitor management solutions

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Appointment and arrival solutions Manage appointments and customer flow efficiently

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Seamless experience for visitors, efficiency for staff, and safety for all

Visitor management software by Qmatic helps companies and organizations manage visitor flow, increase operational efficiency, and provide a safe environment for staff and visitors. As a service provider, you have the ability to limit the number of visitors in the building and provide a safe and touchless experience for your visitors.

Whether your guests book an appointment online or have a walk-in visit, Qmatic visitor management system ensures that visitors can move seamlessly throughout the entire journey, making your services more accessible to all.

Visitor booking system

With Qmatic’s online booking system, guests have the option to book, reschedule, or cancel their visits. Pre-booked appointments offer visitors convenience, reduces wait times, and creates a better and safer customer experience.

After booking a visit, guests will receive automatic confirmations and reminders via SMS and email with link for check-in for their upcoming visit, keeping them informed while reducing no-show rates.

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Touchless visitor sign-in system

With Qmatic’s mobile ticket, visitors can check in safely without having to touch any surface. They can simply scan a QR code or follow the link sent through SMS to get their mobile ticket. Other options for registration include electronic sign in system via Qmatic’s self-service kiosks or via Qmatic Concierge app.

A simple visitor registration system to help your visitors move seamlessly from booking, arrival and check-in, until the end of their visit.


Visitor tracking system for real-time monitoring

Once a visitor completes the registration, a notification will be sent to the staff member they’re meeting, so the staff can go and meet the visitor. After the meeting, visitors can check out with reception or optionally via a kiosk.

Our business intelligence tools also give you the ability to monitor all visitors for a specific day or period, giving you an overview of your day-to-day operation and spot possible areas for improvement.


Virtual meeting option for remote service

Qmatic’s visitor management system provides the option for visitors to have a virtual meeting when they are unable to make it to the office in person.

Visitors can choose to have the meeting via video call when making the booking. In their booking confirmation and reminder, they will receive a meeting link instead of check-in link. This link leads to the same online meeting that your staff will enter instead of calling the visitor in the waiting area.

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video appointment for remote service delivery

All within one system

We make things simple for you – everything is in one place. From the appointment booking and sign-in, to business intelligence tools and reports, you have everything you need within the solution.

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