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Security you can trust

Trusted by organizations in 120 countries to enable 2 billion customer journeys annually – we take your security seriously.

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Qmatic’s solutions enable millions of customer journeys every day. We do this by offering enterprise-grade functionality without compromising requirements like stability, performance, and security.

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Data protection

Data is encrypted both at rest and in motion. Qmatic uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure that all communication to and from our Customer Journey Management Platform is encrypted.

  • All sensitive data is stored encrypted with high-grade industry standard ciphers

  • Multi-tenant environments are built with barriers and controls that keep data segregated, allowing secure access to your data only

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Access control

Qmatic Customer Journey Management Platform can be seamlessly integrated with your single sign-on (SSO) provider, as well as providing an option for using our user repository. All user data is safe and secure.

Access permissions and roles can be delegated to ensure users only get access to the features and data that are appropriate for their access level.

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Application security

We adhere to a strict software development life-cycle (SDLC) that includes review, testing, automated vulnerability scanning, and quality assurance processes that ensure a high-quality and secure product. External auditors verify both our processes and perform penetration tests and security audits annually.

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Resilient architecture

Our platform is designed to be scalable and reliable. We build our systems using industry-standard tools and practices, we run our systems on proven cloud providers leveraging their high-availability and redundancy infrastructure. The architecture of our systems makes reliability, scalability, and security paramount.

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Proactive monitoring and support

We have monitoring in place to ensure availability and performance, our support teams are proactively notified of any service interruption or unusual activity.

Compliance Certifications, Standards and Regulations

We adhere to high levels of compliance with many standards and regulations and continuously monitor the compliance and regulatory landscape to stay ahead of what comes next. We have full compliance with the following:

Privacy Policy

Privacy at Qmatic

For cases where we handle your data, we provide a detailed privacy policy.

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