About us

Who we are

Qmatic is a global leader in reshaping connections between people and services for truly excellent customer experiences. Working seamlessly with partners all over the world, we manage over 2 billion customer journeys every year, on more than 65,000 systems, in over 120 countries and across several sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail and public services. Helping our clients create a world where everyone can access the services they need.

Mission, vision, and values

Our Mission

To create excellent customer experiences. We improve how people book, access, and appraise services by providing innovative omnichannel solutions that generate actionable insights for optimizing our clients’ operations.  

Our Vision

A world where everyone can access the services they need.

Our Values

Our core values are, Empower Clients, Think Beyond, Lead & Own, and Best Together. Together they shape and form the foundation of the culture at Qmatic. Our values are at the heart of how we act internally, how we think, feel, and behave, and how we deliver great customer experiences for clients across the world, together as one team.  

Empower Clients

  • We have our clients’ best in mind, for the best of Qmatic.
  • We are receptive to our client's needs and seek a win-win
  • We dare to challenge our clients

Lead & Own

  • We take ownership from start to finish.​
  • We give and ask for support
  • We are accountable and deliver on our promises​
  • We align to common objectives and act in the best interest of Qmatic
  • We are proactive and solution-oriented

Think Beyond

  • We always seek to improve​
  • We are curious and creative​
  • We encourage new thinking
  • We dare to take risks
  • We learn from our mistakes and our successes, too

Best together

  • We collaborate with respect, in and between teams
  • We assume positive intent
  • We give timely personal and constructive feedback
  • We give praise to those who deserve it
  • We celebrate our successes
About Qmatic

Quick facts about us

10 offices

We are a global company with offices in Mölndal, Atlanta, Bocholt, Dubai, Paris, Milton Keynes, Katwijk, Madrid, Rome, and Zaventem.


65 000+

Over 65 000 systems have been deployed and used by organizations operating across a wide array of industries worldwide.


More than 2 billion customer journeys are managed through a Qmatic solution each year.


We have 40 years of experience in innovating industry-leading customer experience management solutions.

130+ partners

Through our global Partner Network that spans from Australia to Zimbabwe, we have more than 130 outstanding companies in 120 countries sharing our ambition and vision of delivering better customer experiences. 


Year Qmatic was founded in Mölndal, Sweden. 


Work at Qmatic

At Qmatic, we are more than a group of people working to produce industry-leading products and solutions that elevate the customer experience, make life better for employees and boost operational efficiency. We are a genuine, inclusive team working in a dynamic environment, creating better customer journeys where everyone gets the help they need, delivered in the best way, at the right time. If you share this vision, join Qmatic and take part in our journey.

Executive Management Team

Meet our leadership

As a global company in a fast-changing world that’s driven by increasing expectations and demands, we’re only as good as our people. Especially their ability to navigate the most innovative, value-based, bold, exciting and yet responsible path for Qmatic, our partners, and our clients. That all starts at the top…

Become a partner

Our partner program

With a global reach and over 65,000 installations supporting over 2 billion customer journeys every year, we couldn’t do what we do without our trusted partners. Our 130+ partners worldwide mean everything to us – and to the clients who rely on their technical expertise and knowledge of the sector and local culture the installed solution has to serve.

Qmatic History
Our history

How it all started

Over 40 years have passed since Rune Sahlin, Qmatics founder developed the world’s first electrical queue system.