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We know how to connect people with services.
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If you want to improve your customer experience, streamline your customer journey or simplify your queue management. We’ve got some pretty innovative solutions for you.

That’s because we’ve spent the past 40 years finding smart new ways to connect people with services. Quickly, conveniently and successfully.

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Do you hate waiting too?

In the midst of a particularly Swedish lunch crowd in Mölndal, the chaotic situation coerced the restaurant owner and his partner to develop the world’s first electrical queue system. The year was 1981 and Qmatic was born. Today Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management across more than 120 countries and with customer experiences for more than 2 billion people every year. We can’t wait to meet the demands of tomorrow, today.

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Our core values

The true essence of our purpose and existence.






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A company you want to bet your career on

These days, very few people start and end their careers at the same company. But when you join our team, you won’t want to leave…

Constantly hatching smarter ideas

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Staff notifications with information at your fingertips.
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Keep it simple with Qmatic ticketless systems.
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Streamline your processes
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Smart queuing system that keeps traffic flowing nice and steadily
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Corporate Social Responsibility

greenintroCSR isn’t just a fancy phrase or regulatory concept to us.
We actually care.

We care about you (people), your friends and family (society), and your home
(Planet Earth.)

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Do you want happy customers, happy visitors and happy management?

Then we share the same vision.

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