Our history

“I saw, early on, the potential of our products. my vision was that every other person in the world should use a qmatic queuing ticket”

- Rune Sahlin, founder of Qmatic

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Our history

Qmatic History

In the midst of a particularly Swedish lunch crowd in Mölndal, the chaotic situation coerced the restaurant owner Rune Sahlin and his partner to develop the world’s first electrical queue system.

The year was 1981 and Qmatic was born. Today Qmatic is a global leader in reshaping connections between people and services creating excellent customer experiences.


1981 - Qmatic is founded

Restaurant owner Rune Sahlin needed a solution that would improve the experience for his customers and employees. With a strong sense of purpose, Sahlin and his business partner Per-Martin Petterson created the world’s first electrical queue system.

1984 - The thermal printer is introduced

Previously, queue numbers were locked to a single sequence. Now, it was possible to have different number series, for example for service or checkout.

1986 - The statistics computer is launched

It was now possible to simplify the handling of information and better analyze this information to improve operations. One step in what would eventually become Business Intelligence.

1987 - 63% of sales are exports

At the end of the 1980s, the products are sold to around 25 countries. During the company's first six years, subsidiaries were established in England, the USA, and France. During the 1980s, the company grows almost 100 percent every year.

1989 - PC-based system is introduced

By running the systems on PCs, it became easier to control the system and transfer data to other systems as part of companies' planning processes.

2004 - New majority shareholders

The majority of the company is sold to 3i and Litorina Kapital.

2007 - Altor Fund II becomes new majority shareholder

Altor (Altor Fund II) buys the company from 3i Group, Litorina Kapital.

2015 - Orchestra Enterprise Platform 6.0 and Mobile Solutions for Staff are launched

Mobile technology opened the door to elegant service solutions, allowing service and store staff to use their smartphones or wearables to handle customer tasks.

2016 - Mobile solutions for customers are launched

With Mobile Ticket, a virtual queue ticket on a mobile device, time spent waiting in a queue can be transformed into entertaining or productive time for customers who are waiting their turn. The gap between e-commerce and physical purchases is also spanned through various omnichannel service solutions.

2017 - Qmatic launches cloud services

By moving to SaaS (Software as a Service), the services in Orchestra are available online. This both increases flexibility and provides significantly faster time-to-market.

2018 - Orchestra 7 is launched

Orchestra 7 allows Qmatic to offer a fully modular platform, which enables solutions that can be tailored to the customer's needs. Orchestra 7 is also ready for GDPR.

2022 - New brand identity

Qmatic launches a new brand identity to reflect its transformation into a SaaS company, giving it a more vibrant and modern feel. In this process, the company also renewed the company's mission, vision, and values.