City Halls

Customer journey management system for city halls

Deliver accessible, efficient, faster, and more personalized services to citizens

Improve the experience for citizens, staff, and management

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Customer story

The City of Brussels

Discover how the City of Brussels improved public access to its 500+ services and digitally transformed its operations with Qmatic Experience Cloud.


Deliver excellent services for citizens

Provide a calm and orderly waiting environment and enhance customer satisfaction with reduced wait times and seamless experience.

  • Improve flexibility for visitors and employees with appointment scheduling and virtual meetings
  • Manage visitor arrivals efficiently with self-service kiosks and online check-in
  • Enable virtual queues and allow customers to wait anywhere with Mobile Ticket
  • Keep visitors informed with regular updates and automated notifications through digital signage, audio announcements, and SMS notifications

Improve employee experience

Reduce staff stress and avoid costly turnover with a solution that helps manage staff workload.
  • Manage heavy and unpredictable demands efficiently with automated admin tasks, streamlined workflows, and self-service options for citizens
  • Empower staff with a complete set of tools in their workspace to control the citizen flow
  • Provide staff with a quick overview of key performance indicators and the current situation in the department – citizens waiting, wait times and more
  • Adapt to a hybrid workforce to increase agility and meet digital demands

Increase operational efficiency

  • Combine automated visitor flow and data analytics to improve operational efficiency
  • Improve process and efficiency with key data, including the number of waiting customers, wait times, and service times
  • Reduce costs while maintaining service levels with business intelligence tools
  • Use demand forecasts to plan resources and distribute workload evenly between peak and off-peak hours
  • Optimize workflows and utilize resources more efficiently
  • Match customer needs with the right staff
Explore the Qmatic Experience Cloud platform, and see how it can help you create seamless customer experiences, boost operational efficiency, and provide valuable data.
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Focus on the quality of citizens' experiences

See how our solutions can help you combine online to onsite experiences to reduce long waiting times, improve your staff’s workloads, and give residents’ the services they demand. Qmatic’s omnichannel solutions includes:


Appointment scheduling

Let customers schedule their appointments online. Distribute staff workload evenly throughout the day and manage visitor flow for better efficiency.


Self check-in

Allow visitors to check in online with their mobile phone, or on-premise with a self-service kiosk, reducing some of the staff workload.


Virtual queuing

Let visitors wait remotely with Mobile Ticket while monitoring their place in the queue. 


Virtual meetings

Offer the option for an online meeting for customers who are not able to make it in person. Enable a hybrid workforce and offer accessible services to customers.


Reporting and analytics

Monitor your operations with a real-time dashboard, and get insights with up-to-date analytics and reports to make data-driven decisions.


Staff application

Provide staff with the right information and tools to deliver fast and efficient services for customers. With staff applications, employees can have information at hand while being mobile to greet or serve customers.


Messaging services

Keep visitors updated throughout their journeys with automated text messages and emails. Send appointment confirmations, reminders, and other notifications before their visit.


Digital signage

Make it easy for visitors to navigate their way, and keep them informed and entertained while waiting.


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