Guarnieri Offers an Organized Patient Flow with Qmatic Patient Journey Management

The Guarnieri Clinic is a multi-specialty center that provides inpatient and outpatient services, focusing on various medical specialties, including orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, general medicine, ophthalmology and surgery. The hospital management team, always focused on the needs of its patients, recognized the need to reorganize and optimize the first point of contact with its users, namely the reception phase.

"In the reception area, patients were getting a bit disoriented and were not well informed regarding expectations," said Giovanni Pica, an engineer who is the IT Manager for the Guarnieri Hospital, "This is why we started thinking about solutions to better organize patient registration and provide information to patients more effectively."

Implementing Patient Journey Management

The solution is provided by Qmatic technologies, focused on the Patient Journey for the healthcare industry. “In this first phase of the project, we concentrated on the flow of patients at registration. At the entrance of the Clinic, we placed a 17-inch touch-screen kiosk that allows you to choose the service you need. We placed 10-inch monitors at the clerks' desks, which help patients get to the right door to complete the registration phase,” Pica continued, “Beyond this, monitors placed in specific areas of waiting rooms display waiting times and simultaneously broadcast multimedia content. There is a double benefit to this: on the one hand, we keep patients continuously informed about waiting times and, on the other, we entertain them with content and messages about the Clinic."

Data and reports on the entire patient journey

Managers can monitor waiting times remotely using the Operational Panel. The facility's management team also has access to detailed statistical reports on the entire patient journey, including waiting times and the average duration of service. “This is just the preliminary phase of the project,” says Pica. “We are already working on the integration of the Qmatic Orchestra platform with our management system and on the introduction of the option of booking the service from home, directly through your smartphone or through our website." The Qmatic solution has been expanded for use by other facilities in the group, including the Guarnieri Laboratory, the Fabia Mater Clinic, and the Fabia Mater Laboratory.

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