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SYNLAB Creates an Effortless Patient Journey with Qmatic

From sample testing through evaluation to diagnostics – SYNLAB Eesti is a one-stop shop covering all patient diagnostic needs. As a leading provider of laboratory diagnostic services in Estonia, SYNLAB Eesti provides laboratory services to family doctors and medical specialists, hospitals, occupational health care centers, and other institutions connected to the medical industry.

Every day, over 16,000 sample materials are handled, and more than 7 million laboratory analyses are performed annually. In addition, SYNLAB Eesti also offers health check-ups to private customers at their 20 laboratories and blood collection sites across Estonia.

Synlab Entrance

The move to Qmatic's Patient Journey Management platform

With the aim of creating a convenient and smooth patient journey at their laboratories and blood collection sites, the medical laboratory turned to Qmatic's partner in Estonia, Hansab. Next, SYNLAB Eesti worked alongside Hansab to outline and define the different stages of their patient journey across different touchpoints, from pre-arrival and check-in to testing and feedback. Identifying the resources, tools, channels, and communications needed to ensure a smooth transition and manage patient expectations at each stage. After identifying SYNLAB's needs and patient flows, they turned to Qmatic Orchestra, an enterprise platform for patient journey management, as the chosen solution.

With the Qmatic Orchestra platform, SYNLAB Eesti was able to manage all queues and patient flows centrally for all their locations across the country, offering its patients better service, reducing wait times, and improving its employee and patient experience.

Using Qmatic Orchestra, SYNLAB Eesti got access to a variety of solutions like queue management, reports and real-time analytics tools, intuitive staff applications, and customer feedback to manage lab appointments and walk-ins for different services while collecting data at each touchpoint of the patient journey.

Quick, safe, and efficient laboratory services 

When patients walk in at one of SYNLAB's laboratories, they can now easily select the service they want using the self-service kiosks and wait until they're called in the waiting area. To handle patient walk-ins and lab appointments, staff has access to different applications available in the Orchestra platform to check in patients, see different queues, notify patients when they're ready, and transfer to a different service after they're done.  

Person taking a ticket at a kiosk inside Synlab

Patient uncertainty is reduced by waiting area displays, counter displays, and voice announcements that guide the patients through their visit. While waiting for testing, the waiting area displays inform the patients about their place in the queue, when it's their turn, and where to go inside the testing facilities, creating an effortless experience for the patients and freeing up time for staff. After the lab test is done, patients can leave feedback about their visit that SYNLAB Eesti can take action on to eliminate complexities and make improvements to the patient experience. 


Person looking at counter display

Using analytics to predict demand and improve performance

With the extensive reporting and analytics tools available in Qmatic Orchestra, SYNLAB Eesti can now get valuable insights into their patient flow. Knowing how many patients they can expect daily, weekly, or monthly makes the staff allocation easy. Using historical data, SYNLAB Eesti can forecast its demand, analyze current and future staffing needs, and distribute the workload evenly between appointments and walk-ins. Customized reports based on specified criteria (service requests, staff performance, wait times, and more) can also be scheduled and sent to managers in an easy-to-read format. 

Operations Panel

SYNLAB Eesti is also utilizing the Operations Panel available in Qmatic Orchestra, a real-time dashboard that gives them a 360-degree overview of its service environment and operational performance. With Operations Panel, branch managers can see critical information about each queue (patients waiting, requested service, wait times), quickly identify negative performance indicators, and make timely corrections to improve their branch performance and patient experience.

Smoother patient flows and improved patient experiences

Giving patients the freedom to seamlessly get in line upon arrival and easily navigate inside the laboratories has provided the SYNLAB Eesti team with smoother patient flows and reduced wait times. 

What’s more, the patient experience has improved with a seamless patient journey that ensures that patients receive the best care possible quickly and safely when they come in for testing without interrupting their day. Enabling SYNLAB Eesti to provide accurate, precise, and reliable test results in as little time as possible.