Tallinn Children's Hospital Reception Area

Improving Patient Experience in Tallinn Children's Hospital

In the summer of 2021, the Tallinn Children's Hospital trauma room and polyclinic waiting room underwent a major renovation. The existing floor plan was changed, and the rooms were expanded and modernized. The design of the new, more spacious rooms was based on child-friendliness so that a child who ends up in the hospital due to an accident would feel comfortable and safe.


During the renovation, waiting in line was also made more exciting for children. Instead of conventional tickets with only numbers, the queue printer also prints a child-friendly picture on the ticket. There are various animals, toys, and other fun things in the pictures. Children can follow the queue's progress on the large screens on the walls.


For both Qmatic Partner Hansab and Qmatic, this is a first-time solution to build a system in such a way. 50 different images were designed for the solution. The image is printed on the ticket as a black and white outline, and a color version of the same image is shown on the screen.


The Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation supported the hospital's renovation. According to Inna Kramer, Head of the Foundation, the new patient flow management solution was born thanks to good cooperation.

"We came up with the idea that the screens could have cheerfully colored images in addition to regular numbers. We explored options from several companies, and Hansab was ready to offer such a solution. The queuing system with pictures is especially nice and playful for younger children. It makes the waiting time more exciting and helps divert attention away from the pain. We are very happy with this result," said Kramer.


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