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The leading pharmacy in Sweden

Apoteket AB is the leading pharmacy in Sweden and one of the country’s most loved brands. With over 390 different pharmacies and 3400 employees, Apoteket helps customers all over the country by offering pharmaceutical services to consumers and the healthcare sector. Apoteket serves 150,000 customers every day and has 34 million visits annually together with 13,3 million counseling’s. The pharmacy is renowned to be in the forefront of investing in its customer interface, providing optimized solutions for its customers. In 2018, Apoteket opened and updated 38 different pharmacies as a part of their investment to modernize its locations to meet customers’ expectations and provide better health services. The collaboration between Qmatic and Apoteket is a long and fruitful one. The Swedish pharmacy has implemented Qmatic’s solution at all its 390+ stores.


150,000 customers a day and a wide range of services

As Apoteket serves thousands of customers and handles a constant customer flow, a critical aspect is to continuously provide a seamless and frictionless experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey, making it simple for customers in an omnichannel environment.

Today, the majority of Apoteket pharmacies offer a wide range of services such as express delivery, consultations, vaccinations, prescription renewals, and health check-ups. This requires Apoteket to have a queue management system that makes it easy for customers to get the service they need, delivered in the best way, at the right time.

When taking these different challenges into account - large customer base and multiple pharmacy services. It is not only important for customers, but also for staff members to have a system that makes it easier to handle all the different services, while improving the workplace.

Another vital aspect for Apoteket is to ensure that the customer experience in stores are best-in-class by providing better navigation and information flow that makes Apoteket accessible for everyone, regardless of disability or age.


Qmatic Customer Journey Management

By integrating Qmatic Customer Journey Management solutions as a natural part of Apoteket’s ecosystem, the pharmacy can manage the customer flow and collect data with BI in a way that makes a difference for the pharmacy, generating more efficient business operations and satisfied customers. And with Digital Signage from Qmatic, Apoteket ensures that the customer experience is strengthened with better navigation and information that enhance the communication with customers.

Elin Ahlin is the Pharmacy Manager at the newly opened pharmacy Apoteket Kongahälla Center, which opened in March 2019. Ahlin has extensive experience of pharmacies, working in different positions for the past 16 years. Today, she manages three different pharmacies and has worked with Qmatic for as long as she can remember. As a manager, Ahlin is responsible for the daily operations and sees Qmatic as an important part of the business organization to optimize their day-to-day operations.

“What’s most beneficial with Qmatic’s solutions is that we get indications on whether our daily operations are up to standard or not. This makes it easier for us to see if we reach our goal of serving all customers in less than 5 minutes.” says Elin Ahlin, Pharmacy Manager. “We receive reports every day on queue times, which is essential for staff planning, knowing how to staff the pharmacy based on the customer flow.”


Consistent level of service quality for the customers

From a customer and staff perspective, Qmatic does not only keep things tidy and organized by managing queues. Qmatic’s solutions facilitates the way the pharmacy provides services to its customers, providing faster and better service, and keeping staff informed in all areas of the pharmacy. This results in better in-store experience and a consistent level of service quality for the customers.

The consistency of service plays an important role for Apoteket. With Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution, Apoteket can segment its customers in different queues based on customer needs, e.g. separate queues for separate services. On certain days when vaccinations are available, the self-service kiosk Intro 8 updates its interface and offer customers the option to stand in line for vaccinations only. And with Apoteket express pickup that is available at all branches, customers that have ordered online are segmented into a different queue for instant pick up of their items, delivering a convenient and pleasant process. These types of solutions are implemented to reduce the perceived and actual wait times, resulting in a simplified and improved customer interaction



“I’ve always had a great experience of Qmatic. When I started as a 16-year old there was only one button to press, today it’s a different story where we have access to a more advanced and flexible system.”

Elin Ahlin, Pharmacy Manager, Apoteket Kongahälla

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