Integrate and improve every touch point from pre-arrival through post-service.

Qmatic Customer Journey Management creates happier customers and employees. It begins at the moment of engagement and connects every online, mobile and physical interaction all the way through to gathering real-time feedback. Understanding your customers’ journeys help you gain a broader perspective of how people engage providing the insight and resources you need to succeed.

Global Business Consulting services

Qmatic Global Business Consulting provides services in various stages of the Client Life Cycle

  • During the Strategic Phase developing your customer journey and services design.
  • During the Solution Development Phase; a structured way of testing ideas and concepts in real live situations to prepare for implementation, roll outs and secure a successful result.
  • With Post Implementation Reviews: Providing health checks and recommendations on improvements and best practices supports your objective of always being in forefront and in control of your service operation.

“The Qmatic project is one of the best projects implemented of all times in the bank's history and we actually for all new technological projects discuss if Qmatic can be a part of it.”

Head Retail Banking, Senior Manager, Transformation Team

Customer Journey Mapping

Map The Perfect Customer Journey

We identify quantifiable findings, quick wins, and opportunities to improve customer experience, focusing in particularly on customer journeys.

This is a step-by-step process where we help you to measure and quantify:

  • Footfall and transaction data analysis
  • Customer Journeys
  • Customer-staff activity and interaction analysis
  • Analysis of facilities utilization
  • Customer perception surveys
  • Staff perception surveys
  • General observations and opportunities for improvement.
  • Other data collection activities

Begin my discovery

Verify concepts in a live situation - secure a successful result

With a pilot project, we help you determine whether the Qmatic technology solution is appropriate for use by the branch network and how easily it can be configured. Pilots are particularly useful for complex projects where the software is new for you, or the implementation represents a significant change in the way staff works and when user acceptance may be difficult to obtain.

Proof of concept

Post implementation

Be in the forefront and in control of your service operation

Your business is always changing – because of customer behavior - new staff members, new products and services. There is in fact a constant change.
Our services include:

  • Ensuring and adapting systems, configurations and solutions to new environment
  • Measuring operational efficiency
  • Health checks
  • Recommendations on improvements

We can help you create
The Perfect Customer Journey

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