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Qmatic Helps Keep Business Growing and Citizens Moving at Clark County

Clark County Building Services is located in the nation’s 13th largest county and serves the world famous Las Vegas strip. Citizens and businesses visits the Office to have their building plans, specifications and calculations reviewed, as well as other related construction documents.  And with construction projected to grow and different major projects moving forward, this is a busy high traffic building. Due to complex and varied needs, 90% of customers require assistance from a minimum of four workstations,” said Nan Riepenhoff, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, resulting in a long, complicated and often tedious visit.

An ineffective customer journey

The customer experience at Clark County Building Services was time consuming, chaotic and full of long lines. A majority of customers required assistance from more than one department, resulting in visits to multiple employees at different workstations. As Dan Owens, Manager of Technical Support described it, “Customers who were not familiar with the process found it confusing. Many of these were one time users – i.e. an
addition to their house – and would not return. The commercial contractors were in there many times a week, knew the process and could navigate through but still got stuck in line behind everyone else.” There were lines everywhere, some of which extended beyond the entrance.

Creating the ideal customer journey process

A Process Improvement (PI) team was formed to collaborate and create the ideal customer journey process. It addressed everything from building design to the best way of effectively directing people while eliminating wait lines. Clark County developed their desired best process and Qmatic provided the solution which best met their

Today, customers check in at a simple self-service kiosk where they choose one of three service options: Residential, Commercial or General Questions. A ticket printer prints an
alphanumeric ticket with a number that corresponds to the type of service requested. Customers wait in a virtual queue until they are called for service. The system manages where they go and when; eliminating time spent in line or time spent unsure of where
to go. Residential customers are far less confused about the process and commercial customers save time by not waiting in line behind first time applicants.

Staff members can call, service, and transfer customers without leaving their seat. The solution allows them to easily manage customer transactions from the time they check in, are called, transferred, and through to the transaction close. Each step of the customer transaction information is time stamped and stored in the system for easy reporting and retrieval.

Managers receive alerts when wait times and transaction times exceed preset limits, allowing them to adjust by opening additional workstations or adding additional staff. Every staff member has access to the Qmatic system to act as back up for or in addition to the normal front end staff

Relaxed and streamlined waiting process 

The installation of Qmatic’s customer journey management solution is a huge success. Residential customers love the clear direction they are given, which saves them from
wasting time waiting in the wrong lines. Commercial contractors love the Qmatic solution for allowing them to categorize themselves, for the relaxed waiting, and for making them more efficient. Staff members can effectively process customers and can continue tracking customers with every transfer. Managers can effectively plan for the peaks and valleys in traffic and measure transaction time and effectiveness.

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