Eataly Creates More Direct and Personalized Interactions with Qmatic

It‘s a promotor of Italian gastronomic culture and wine/food history. It is the number one retail outlet for both purchasing top-quality Italian delicacies and tasting or finding out more about them at tasting workshops and meetings with producers. It shares with you the stories of the products, production methods and craftspeople who contribute to making Italy the most biodiverse country in the world. This is Eataly: the biggest retailer of specialty food made in Italy. At its numerous outlets in Italy and around the world, Eataly demonstrates how high-quality products can be made available to all, placed within easy reach of the customer, and offered at accessible prices.

Creating an engaging and personalized experience

The managers of the Rome Ostiense outlet‘s fresh food counters wanted to create a more engaging and personalized experience for its customers, in accordance with the Eataly philosophy. "Customers are not just numbers for us," says Marco Piarulli, Store General Manager, "We aim to offer our customers a unique and meaningful purchasing experience. "That‘s why we were not content with numbered tickets for managing queues. We wanted a solution which would help us to establish a direct link between customers and staff and reinforce the message that each customer is important. 

Eataly transforms the customer flow

The implementation of Qmatic Orchestra has helped Eataly to transform its queue management systems for customers at the fresh produce counters. The customer flow now works in the following way.

  1. The customer selects the desired department at a self check-in kiosk, types in their name and receives a ticket.
  2. While waiting their turn, they can continue to browse and purchase other items, assured of the fact that they will not lose their place in the queue.
  3. When it is their turn, the customer is notified via an automatic call out to them using their own name (calling by name system). It‘s a detail, but one that has a significant impact on the interaction between the retailer and customer. Hearing their own name creates an immediate sense of familiarity and uniqueness. This is just the impact that Eataly wishes to create.
  4. A Business Intelligence System collects data and tracks important information at each stage of the process.

"The new method was accepted and appreciated straightaway," Mr. Piarulli confirmed. With the Orchestra platform, the interaction with customers has become more efficient, personal, direct and swift, in accordance with the values and principles which have always marked out this biggest retailer of food made in Italy.

“The customer is not a number, that is why we work to offer a unique and meaningful purchasing experience”

Marco Piarulli , Store General Manager, Eataly

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