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Avis Relies on Qmatic to Offer a Better Experience in Their Network of Offices

Avis is one of the world’s most renowned car rental brands, with some 5,450 offices in more than 165 countries. It has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry and is one of the leading brands on an international level in terms of customer loyalty. It belongs to Avis Budget Group, which operates and manages the brand’s licenses around the world. The company won awards for being the “World’s best car rental company”, “Europe’s best car rental company”, and “North America’s best car rental company” in the 2015 Business Traveler Awards.

Brands constantly seeking a competitive edge

Current customer demand and high competition in the automotive sector of the Spanish market mean that brands are constantly innovating and seeking solutions to improve their customer service processes and thus stand out from the competition, offering a service and an experience fully in line with consumer expectations.

Avis is the market leader when it comes to car rental and to maintain this position, it has entrusted Qmatic with installing a simple queue management system with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their operations and boosting customer satisfaction by reducing wait times. The challenge consists of installing a turn management system which, on the one hand, allows customers to queue by entering their details in a self-service kiosk so that they can take advantage of their wait time by doing something productive and, on the other, that provides the necessary and updated information to be able to offer an efficient customer experience. The system can be used without needing to install software on any computers, or requiring any special cables.

Qmatic Solo all-in-one solution

The solution applied was the Qmatic Solo system, associated with our all-in-one system with touch screen turn dispenser, an SMS turn pre-notification module, and multimedia monitors to show turns along with other kinds of content. It has been installed in 5 main offices: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Lisbon, and Palma de Mallorca.

Offering unrivaled customer experience

Following implementation in 5 main offices, it can be said that Qmatic’s Solo solution is effective, given that by gathering information about the customer’s journey, it allows you to have a clear perspective on the extent to which your organization satisfies both customers’ needs and that of its employees, and allows you to take action if necessary. Also, the reduction in customer wait times is real. Now, from the moment someone makes an appointment, the necessary resources are available to control each factor and be able to offer an unrivaled customer experience at all times.

“Thanks to this system, the customers are recognizing that they are being treated fairly and employees can focus on service without having to worry about whose turn is next.”

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