SNCF improved its Administration and Customer Experience with Qmatic

SNCF is a major player in the transport sector in France and Europe, and is continuously improving its passengers‘ experience. SNCF's goal was to get closer to its customers, to simplify, speed up and improve the flow of passenger transport, and to design and develop the mobility of the future. Using Qmatic, SNCF can perfectly shape its service to suit its customers.

Adapting to match the customer flow

SNCF is constantly seeking to optimize. The company wants to improve its customer experience and provide a unique experience that is simple and personalized to the customers who come into any of its SNCF shops. As Nathalie Brazet, National Manager of SNCF Voyages Station Services, explains: “We were looking for a system with twin benefits: for our customers, to offer them a more pleasant waiting time, and for our employees, to help them manage the flow of customers“. To meet SNCF's needs Qmatic's comprehensive Customer Journey Management platform was implemented, to achieve their wish for a more interactive, efficient and omnichannel customer experience, which also helps to provide customers with an enjoyable waiting time in the shop.

The customer experience

When a customer arrives in a shop, they choose the service they are seeking at the Qmatic terminal. Their request is identified, they are given a numbered ticket and staff are immediately informed of their presence. SNCF offers two types of service, available in several languages: today‘s departures and future departures. The real-time monitoring tool allows employees to keep an eye on the waiting time for both services and to change
the number of salespeople per service to reflect the number of people in the queue. Waiting time is made more pleasant by having seating installed in the sales area and the dynamic POS. The customer therefore has something to watch and can learn about the services offered by SNCF

The Qmatic solution also allows us to collect data about activities, such as the number of customers served, services requested, waiting time and busiest times of day. It also enables the generation of reports. SNCF analyses this information to help it change how it is organized to better match customer flows, increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance the operational efficiency of its services.


Thanks to this solution, SNCF can actively decide on its strategy. With Qmatic's Customer Journey Management solution, SNCF offers simple, effective access that can be adjusted during the day to the number of visitors to its shops, to the services used
most often by its customers and to help support a better approach to motivating and making best use of its teams. More than 200,000 SNCF customers use the Qmatic
customer flow management system each month.

“We now have a better awareness of our customer flows, and the information we need to develop our organizations to suit customer demands in real time and over the long term.”

Nathalie Brazet, National Manager, SNCF Voyages Station Services

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