Qmatic Helps Modernize the DOT Experience in Pennsylvania

With more than 1,000 employees, the Department of Driver Services within the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) manages the issuance of more than 8.9 million driver’s licenses and the registration of more than 12 million motor vehicles each year. In addition, it operates 71 driver license centers and 26 standalone photo license centers and has partnered with more than 265 online messenger sites to provide a wide variety of over-the-counter services across Pennsylvania. With heavy foot traffic at their drivers license centers, PennDOT needed to modernize their system in order to meet the demands of their citizens and provide a better overall experience.

The situation and challenges

Not long ago, the Norristown branch of PennDot was a nightmare. Residents often waited in line for hours only to learn that they lacked necessary paperwork or a required form of payment. The long wait times and confusion were partly due to an older system that lacked the ability to properly manage appointments. To add to the poor setup, managers at headquarters had no accurate way of tracking staff productivity levels, which resulted in skewed results, low accountability, and lower staff efficiency. PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards quickly recognized the state's need to implement a modern customer journey management system. They needed to reduce wait times, and allow citizens to have more control over their waiting experience. They also needed an accurate staff tracking and analysis system to improve internal operations while providing efficient, direct customer service.

Solution & Results

PennDOT implemented a Qmatic Orchestra system which includes the ability to track staff productivity, and the ability to make an appointment during preselected hours. The Qmatic system also allows citizens to receive an SMS message when its their turn in line. “They have the freedom to walk about and wait until their number is about to be called. They can really enjoy some fresh air and some of the local stores”, said Richards. Qmatic's Orchestra system, which integrates technological advances and innovations, is now revolutionizing the customer service throughout the state of Pennsylvania.     

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