Telia Challenges the Traditional Retail Landscape with Qmatic

Using Qmatic solutions, Telia reshapes its traditional retail environment,
demonstrating an innovative and inspiring experience for its customers. With its new concept store, the company blurs the line between the physical and digital world.



Telia Company is one of the largest telecom operators in Europe and has over 60 stores in Sweden which offers products and services based on the customer needs. The stores have everything from regular phones, cellphones, accessories, digital tv to fiber broadband.

Blurs the line between the physical and digital world

At the newly launched Telia concept store at Kongahälla Center, Sweden, the ambition is to make the physical store space part of the digital experience. The concept store is first of its kind and stands out with its progressive and innovative store design. In the store, it’s not the products that are in focus, but the interactions that take place within the space.

Besides its regular service offerings, the store also runs a mobile school for students and hosts workshops for senior citizens, everything to share inspiration and knowledge about the digital landscape. The store has been very well received since the launch in March 2019. And only 9 months after the opening, it was awarded best performing Telia store in Sweden.

An important part of its success is the provision of a seamless customer experience. With a high-tech interior and new working methods, Telia sets a modern standard for meeting the customer where they are. A key factor for its success is the ability to guide customers through their journey with Qmatic solutions.

Upon entering the store, customers are instantly greeted by Qmatic’s self-service kiosk along with integrated LED displays that present the latest called number. Everything is carefully setup to keep the customers informed on who’s next in line no matter where in the store they are. Meanwhile, customers can walk around and try different products, interact with staff, have a coffee and experience every aspect of the latest technology.



Telia empowers employees with Connect Agent from Qmatic

With the Connect Agent app from Qmatic, Telia’s staff members have become more dynamic. The app makes it easier for staff to engage with customers more directly and relationally which is an important aspect of Telia’s working method. 

Telia employee in shop

Through the app, staff and management can manage walk in visits while maintaining awareness of waiting customers, customers being served and upcoming appointments.

Maria Torres says “We can see how long a customer has been waiting and what type of inquiry the customer has. The system is easy to work with and understand, and it gives us an important structure that is crucial for us to have in the store.” Staff are also able to tap into useful business analytics, such as delivered services and outcomes.

The launch of Telia’s concept store with cashier-less checkouts, digital product interactions, and a dynamic work force demonstrates how intertwining the physical space with the digital, creates a state-of-the-art customer experience together with Qmatic. With up-to-date journey insights, it provides a better overview of how the company is satisfying customer and employee needs, making it easier for staff to improve its service.



“Qmatic’s solutions provide a stress-free environment that helps staff to keep structure in their work and guides customers upon entering the store. Now, customers can have a look around, without feeling the pressure of standing in line, or not knowing if a sales representative has seen them or not.”

Maria Torres, Retail Specialist, Telia Company

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