Client success

A world-class client success program

Discover a frictionless Customer Experience together with our team of CX experts

Three dedicated teams

With 40 years of experience and insight in designing, developing and implementing industry-leading customer journey management systems, we have developed a world-class client success program that involves three integrated teams to assure optimized results and maximized return on investment (ROI).

Global support

Global Support

With our dedicated and experienced support team, located across Europe and North America, we offer instant support in almost all time zones and with local representatives in all countries where Qmatic has an office.

The team support over 60 000 customers worldwide in 8 languages and has an impressive track record, proven by the average Customer Support metrics below:

  • Customer Satisfaction: 87%
  • First reply time 48 min (Median)
  • Full resolution time 2.5 hours

Global Professional Services

Whenever there's a need for a specific requirement or integration to your Qmatic solution, Qmatic Global Professional Services will help you to meet those requirements.

The department is based in North America, Europe and the Nordics and supports all 120+ countries where Qmatic has customers. The team consists of highly skilled developers and experts who are dedicated to create a perfectly orchestrated, future-proofed customer journey management solution for your business needs.


Global Implementation

Our global implementation team is with you at every step of the implementation process from kick-off, configuration, solution workshop, training, optimization, and onsite installation to evaluation. The process is coordinated and supervised by Qmatic’s Project Managers and Engineers that remain involved from start to finish.

Customer Stories

What our customers say

Fast and easy implementation

“In our daily challenge during the pandemic to provide safe diagnostics for all patients, as well as to fight the Covid-19 disease, we are both grateful and impressed with the speed and commitment with which Qmatic helped us implement a great digital solution to enable social distancing at our collection centers.”

Inge Andersson, Operations Director Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, Unilabs Sweden

Optimized operations with real-time analytics

“Being able to drill down to the transaction level to determine additional training or staffing needs is a huge benefit. We can address red flags we are seeing before they become issues for the customer or staff."

Julie Butler, Director of Nevada DMV

Long-lasting and successful collaborations

“Working with Qmatic has been great, they are a business partner, and at the end of the day, their success is our success and the only word that comes to mind is collaborative. They have really helped us transform our office, and we couldn’t have done it without them."

Karl Herrmann, Chief Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Arapahoe County, CO




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With Qmatic's customer success services, you can have our industry-leading Customer Journey Management platform up and running in no time. Below you can download a presentation where we'll take a closer look at the process, from the first idea to final installation.

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