Qmatic gets a new visual identity and updated brand platform

Blog title: Qmatic gets new visual identity and updated brand platform

February 24 2022 3 min


Mölndal, Sweden– Based on the industry's longest history, Qmatic continues to innovate. Therefore, the visual identity and the brand platform also need to be developed so that they align with what the company stands for. On February 24, Qmatic's new visual identity will be unveiled for the first time.

We are on the way to becoming a SaaS company at the forefront and want a visual expression that aligns with and strengthens this journey. For the same reason, we have reformulated our brand platform. Our business is characterized by constant innovation and our mission is to strengthen our customers by contributing to their customers by getting the best possible experience,” said Mikael Hedlöf, CEO of Qmatic.

More and more sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, and public sectors are realizing the importance and value of providing their customers and citizens with a good and smooth customer experience. Qmatic's solution handles everything from booking and arrival to follow-up data and planning tools, and the systems benefit both customers and employees.

Qmatic's logo has been red since its inception in 1981. Now it turns green.Over time, many in the industry have settled into the same color scheme. As our development now takes great strides, we see a need to distinguish ourselves more clearly. The green gives associations to, among other things, freedom, innovation, sustainability, and growth, which is in line with what we want to signal,” commented Sofia Schultz, Marketing and Communications Manager at Qmatic.

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Qmatic is a global leader in reshaping connections between people and services for truly excellent customer experiences. Working seamlessly with partners all over the world, we provide over 2 billion customer journeys every year, on more than 60,000 systems, in over 120 countries and across several sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail and public sectors. Helping our clients create a world where everyone can access the services they need.

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