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White paper Health care


Healthcare facilities of all types are under enormous pressure to provide an improved quality of care while coping with limited available resources. Read about the challenges of healthcare from a patient experience and patient journey perspective and possible solutions.

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White paper Public


Governments in countries all over the globe are put in front of great challenges on how to deliver services to their citizens in an effective and efficient way. This white paper describes how to improve customer experience and operational effiency in government using customer flow management methodologies.

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White paper Retail


In today’s highly competitive business climate, being able to attract, serve and satisfy more customers is a key to success and increasing revenue. Read more about the challenges of retail from a customer experience and customer journey perspective and possible solutions.

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White paper Finance


The nature of banking is changing. While traditional transactions are increasingly handled online, more complex products and services depend on face-to-face advice from experts. Read about the challenges of retail banks and finance institutions from a customer experience and journey perspective. It points out how organizations can turn these challenges into opportunities.

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Read our comprehensive white paper on Telecom Customer Journey Management and learn how you can optimize it.

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Online Appointment Management brings tangible benefits to an organisation.

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The Customer Experience Management methodology is a 3-step approach where each step needs thorough consideration to ensure a satisfactory result.

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Meet your customer's requirements for great service and manage your sales and bottom line at the same time.

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MCA Gemini Groep (NL)

Gemini Ziekenhuis and Medisch Centrum Alkmaar (MCA) are two hospitals in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. Together, they form the MCA Gemini Groep.

Download case study: MCA Gemini Groep (PDF, 516 kB)

Melton Health (AU)

Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS) serves the fastest growing metropolitan population of Melton and Moorabool. The Health Service has a current catchment population in excess of 150,000.Melton Health was the first of three State Government funded Super Clinics to open its doors in Victoria. Melton Health is a contemporary, state-of-the-art day hospital offering a range of services to a rapidly expanding population.

Download case study: Melton Health (PDF, 462 kB)


Capitec Bank (ZA)

South Africa bank Capitec Bank was launched in 2001 on an extremely competitive market with well-established competitors. In its strategy to position itself, Capitec Bank CEO Riaan Stassen revealed its new branch concept early in 2012; the concept is based on the bank’s principle of personal service and accessibility.

Download case study: Capitec Bank (PDF, 545 kB)


New Mexico MVD (US)

The New Mexico MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) processes 2.5 million transactions annually – and generates USD 350 million in annual revenue that’s used to fund roadways and a wide range of public safety benefits for New Mexicans. The MVD’s main mission is to register, title, and license commercial and non-commercial drivers, vehicles, and boats.

Download case study: New Mexico MVD (PDF, 383 kB)

Multi-functional centers (RU)

Multi-functional centers (MFC) for public services is a new way for Russia to improve access to more than 200 different public services.

Download case study: Multi-functional centers (PDF, 667 kB)


Valk Fresh Food Market (NL)

“From every corner of the shop, customers can see when it is their turn to be served!”

Download case study: De Herenhof Pharmacy (PDF, 555 kB)

De Herenhof Pharmacy (NL)

"Qmatic solution hasn't been here long, but it's already an enormous improvement, and everyone – both patients and employees – are really happy with it.”

Download case study: De Herenhof Pharmacy (PDF, 512 kB)

Coolblue (NL)

The successful e-commerce company - known especially for its web shop - is doing everything to give its customers the ultimate experience.Online as well as offline. Coolblue is also quite visible offline with seven physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Download case study: Coolblue

Scherpenzeel Pharmacy (NL)

The Scherpenzeel Pharmacy is a part of a multifunctional care facility together with several care providers in the same area.

Download case study: Scherpenzeel Pharmacy (PDF, 447 kB)

Magyar Telekom (HU)

Magyar Telekom is one of the largest suppliers of mobile phone and broadband services in Hungary. The company is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

Download case study: Magyar Telekom (PDF, 443 kB)

Elkjøp (NO)

The Elkjøp group is the Nordics’ leading consumer electronics chain. With annual sales of USD 4.3 billion (NOK 26 bn/SEK 28 bn), hundreds of stores that operate under various brand names in all Nordic countries. The Group is part of Dixons Retail with headquarter in the UK.

Download case study: Elkjøp (PDF, 614 kB)

Samsung (TH)

Samsung Thailand is one of Thailand’s largest suppliers of consumer electronics.

Download case study: Samsung (PDF, 706 kB)

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