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Case Studies

The financial sector

  • Banca Popolare del Cassinate (IT)
    Banca Popolare del Cassinate founded in 1955, is the oldest local people's bank in the province of Frosinone and represents an important benchmark for growth and development in the region.
    Download (PDF document, 691 kB)
  • Bank and Insurance company (SE)
    A major Swedish banking and insurance company did not have any system for handling either drop-in customers or those with booked appointments prior to autumn 2017, when they invested in a combined queue and self check-in system from Qmatic.
    Download (PDF document, 513 kB)
  • Bankia (ES)
    Bankia was founded in 2010 following the merger of six regional banks. In 2013, Bankia decided to meet one of the major needs of its banking customers: accessibility, giving both, customers and non-customers, the option of going to the bank outside regular opening times and providing them with great service.
    Download (PDF document, 217 kB)
  • Capitec Bank (ZA)
    South Africa bank Capitec Bank was launched in 2001 on an extremely competitive market with well-established competitors.
    Download (PDF document, 545 kB)
  • EspañaDuero (ES)
    EspañaDuero is the result of a business merger between Caja España and Caja Duero in 2010. In April 2014, it became part of Grupo Unicaja Banco, one of Spain's leading financial entities.
    Download (PDF document, 631 kB)
  • Groupama (IT)
    Italian subsidiary of Groupama, a major insurance group with over 13 million customers in 11 countries around the world.
    Download (PDF document, 706 kB)

The healthcare sector

  • Admiraal du Ruyter Hospital (NL)
    Admiraal du Ruyter hospital has locations in the towns of Goes and Vlissingen, which are situated in the central region of the southern Dutch province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.
    Download (PDF document, 1024 kB)
  • Atlanta Area Hospital Pharmacy (US)
    A premier Atlanta area hospital, founded in the late 1800s, is considered one of the largest health systems in the United States.
    Download (PDF document, 135 kB)
  • Fauquier Hospital (US)
    Fauquier Hospital, located about 40 miles southwest of Washington D.C., is an 86-bed, acute care hospital serving a rural/suburban community.
    Download (PDF document, 156 kB)
  • Guarnieri Hospital (IT)
    Accredited by the Lazio Region, the Guarnieri Hospital is a multi-specialty center that provides inpatient and outpatient services (Day Hospital) focusing on various medical specialties.
    Download (PDF document, 776 kB)
  • Melton Health (AU)
    Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS) serves the fastest growing metropolitan population of Melton and Moorabool. The Health Service has a current catchment population in excess of 150,000.Melton Health was the first of three State Government funded Super Clinics to open its doors in Victoria.
    Download (PDF document, 462 kB)
  • St. Josefs-Hospital Wiesbaden (DE)
    St. Josef’s-Hospital in Wiesbaden is an innovative, acute care hospital for specialised care with over 500 beds.
    Download (PDF document, 3.4 MB)
  • Westfriesgasthuis (NL)
    Westfriesgasthuis is a modern, mid-size hospital in the Netherlands, with a long history of high patient satisfaction level and a continuous drive for excellence.
    Download (PDF document, 644 kB)

The Retail Sector

  • Cable Company (US)
    With over 20 million unique visits in annual foot-traffic, the market-leading cable company engaged Qmatic to develop a solution that would shorten wait-times and deliver better overall customer service.
    Download (PDF document, 490 kB)
  • Coolblue (BENELUX)
    The successful e-commerce company - known especially for its web shop - is doing everything to give its customers the ultimate experience.Online as well as offline. Coolblue is also quite visible offline with seven physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    Download (PDF document, 541 kB)
  • Coop Mega Metro (NO)
    Coop Mega Metro handled 145,000 transactions for Norway Post and PostNord in 2017.
    Download (PDF document, 236 kB)
  • Cox Communications (US)
    Cox Communications is a multi-service broadband communications company with approximately 6.7 million total customers: 6.4 million of which are basic cable subscribers.
    Download (PDF document, 139 kB)
  • Decathlon (IT)
    Decathlon is one of the best-known and best -loved sports equipment retailers worldwide. With over 1,100 shops in 27 countries, the company seeks on a daily basis to "make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all".
    Download (PDF document, 1 MB)
  • De Herenhof Pharmacy (NL)
    The pharmacy world is changing quickly. New work processes must boost efficiency, while at the same time pharmaceutical services must be brought to a higher level. That is exactly the aim of the group, of which De Herenhof Pharmacy is a part. People coming into the pharmacy will be greeted immediately by a state-of-the-art Qmatic customer journey management solution.
    Download (PDF document, 512 kB)
  • Eataly (IT)
    Eataly is the biggest marketplace for agro-food products and specialty food and wines made in Italy
    Download (PDF document, 805 kB)
  • Elkjøp (NO)
    The Elkjøp group is the Nordics’ leading consumer electronics chain. With annual sales of USD 4.3 billion (NOK 26 bn/SEK 28 bn), hundreds of stores that operate under various brand names in all Nordic countries. The Group is part of Dixons Retail with headquarter in the UK.
    Download (PDF document, 614 kB)
  • Estra (IT)
    Estra is a multi-utility public undertaking supplying methane gas, GPL and electricity, telecoms services, natural gas and energy services to over 850,000 customers.
    Download (PDF document, 656 kB)
  • ICA Maxi Erikslund (SE)
    Since Ica Maxi Erikslund started its online initiative two years ago, the store has become the largest outlet for online shopping within Ica.
    Download (PDF document, 334 kB)
  • ICA Supermarket Hisings-Kärra (SE)
    ICA Supermarket in Hisings Kärra is located in a residential district outside Gothenburg. The store has 35 employees and about 16,000 customers per week.
    Download (PDF document, 665 kB)
  • Magyar Telecom (HU)
    Magyar Telekom is one of the largest suppliers of mobile phone and broadband services in Hungary. The company is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.
    Download (PDF document, 443 kB)
  • Mechanum (SE)
    Mechanum leaves nothing to chance when it comes to service and customer experience.
    Download (PDF document, 497 kB)
  • Samsung (TH)
    Samsung Thailand is one of Thailand’s largest suppliers of consumer electronics.
    Download (PDF document, 706 kB)
  • Scherpenzeel Pharmacy (NL)
    The Scherpenzeel Pharmacy is a part of a multifunctional care facility together with several care providers in the same area.
    Download (PDF document, 447 kB)
  • Valk Fresh Food Market (NL)
    With 900 m2 of floor space, the first Valk Fresh Food Market in The Netherlands, is not only spacious but also combines the best of two worlds; a focus on small scale produced products combined with an ultramodern shopping experience.
    Download (PDF document, 555 kB)

The Public Sector

  • Brazilian Consulate, Hartford, Connecticut (US)
    As a foreign country’s diplomatic office in the United States, embassies and consulates represent the home country and preserve the rights of its citizens while they are in the host nation.
    Download (PDF document, 129 kB)
  • Clark County Building Services (US)
    Clark County Building Services is located in the nation’s 13th largest county and serves the world famous Las Vegas strip.
    Download (PDF document, 854 kB)
  • Coventry University (UK)
    Coventry University hosts a population of around 30,000 of UK, International and EU students
    Download (PDF document, 1 MB)
  • Darlington Borough Council (UK)
    Darlington Borough Council is the local authority for the town of Darlington and the surrounding villages in North East England and serves a population of 106,000 residents.
    Download (PDF document, 612 kB)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (US)
    Every State DMV has the same concern: the need to overcome thenegative public perception of long lines and long waits.
    Download (PDF document, 154 kB)
  • Gwinnett County WIC (US)
    Gwinnett County WIC in Lawrenceville, Georgia is a WIC branch within the East Metro Health District and provides nutrition education and supplemental foods to low income families who are at risk for nutritional deficiencies.
    Download (PDF document, 132 kB)
  • Heerhugowaard City Hall (NL)
    Heerhugowaard makes Dutch people think of colorful tulip fields and the traditional windmills of West Friesland. But the municipality has also constructed the largest emission-neutral residential area in Europe.
    Download (PDF document, 638 kB)
  • Humboldt-Universität (DE)
    University of excellence with around 32,000 students in 185 courses in nine faculties. Over 5,000 new students each year. The Counselling and Information Servicesadvise on all study-related decision processes.
    Download (PDF document, 552 kB)
  • Islington Borough Council (UK)
    Islington Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Islington in Greater London, England and provides services for a population of c200,000 residents.
    Download (PDF document, 406 kB)
  • Manchester United Football Club (UK)
    Manchester United Football Club is the most well-known football club in the World.
  • Multi-functional centers (RU)
    Multi-functional centers (MFC) for public services is a new way for Russia to improve access to more than 200 different public services.
    Download (PDF document, 667 kB)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (US)
    PennDOT processes more than 8.9 million driver’s licenses and the registration of more than 11.9 million motor vehicles each year. With heavy foot traffic in their license centers, PennDOT needed to modernize their facilities.
    Download (PDF document, 458 kB)
  • Pijnacker City Hall (NL)
    The municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp is out in the country, but also lies in the heart of the Randstad conurbation, located between Zoetermeer, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. The municipality has around 51,000 inhabitants and is known for its attractive housing developments and outstanding quality of life.
    Download (PDF document, 684 kB)
  • Saarlouis Administrative District (DE)
    With 197,000 inhabitants, the administrative district of Saarlouis is the largest administrative district in Saarland according to the Saarbrücken Regional Association (Regionalverband Saarbrücken). A total of 173,000 vehicles are currently registered here.
    Download (PDF document, 537 kB)
  • The New Mexico MVD (US)
    The New Mexico MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) processes 2.5 million transactions annually. The MVD’s main mission is to register, title, and license commercial and non-commercial drivers, vehicles, and boats.
    Download (PDF document, 383 kB)
  • The Venice Biennale (IT)
    The Venice Biennale is one of the oldest, most important and prestigious international contemporary art exhibitions in the world, on the cutting edge in the research and promotion of new trends in contemporary art.
    Download (PDF document, 800 kB)
  • Upplands-bro Municipality (SE)
    Upplands-Bro Municipality has more than 27,000 residents and is growing steadily. Upplands-Bro Municipality focuses on service and the customer experience, and the municipality's Contact Center has been named the best in Sweden in public services.
    Download (PDF document, 867 kB)
  • Uppsala Municipality (SE)
    Uppsala Municipality’s financial support unit has an average of 300 visitors a day. The unit has approximately 130 employees, of whom 3 to 4 staff the reception area.
    Download (PDF document, 740 kB)
  • University West (SE)
    University West in Trollhättan is a modern university with about 11 000 students and almost 600 employees.
    Download (PDF document, 921 kB)
  • Utrecht City Hall (NL)
    Visible, findable and accessible: this is probably the shortest description of the new Utrecht Municipal Office. An important municipal ambition has come true because of the realisation of the approximately 65,000 m2 building.
    Download (PDF document, 852 kB)

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