Qmatic hosts its first training session in South America

Despite the distance, we work closely with our dedicated partners and distributors around the world to ensure that they’re always up to date with the latest technological developments from Qmatic. A key aspect of our partner program is Qmatic’s comprehensive training sessions provided by Qmatic’s CX Academy.

In Qmatic’s strive to continuously improve customer journeys around the globe, we are excited to host the first technical training in Spanish and first training session in Lima, Peru conducted by Manny Hernandez, Channel Development Director, Pablo Vaca, Pre-Sales Engineer, and Suraj LoboS, Pre-Sales Technical Manager. Qmatic’s LATAM partners from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Puerto Rico are joining to share their knowledge and industry insights, and to get the latest technical training to continue to develop their skill sets.

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people looking at a projector screen for training