Unicaja Creates a Better In-branch Experience with Qmatic

Unicaja Banco, headquartered in Malaga, Spain, has a clear leadership position in its original regions (Andalucia and Castilla y León), where the Bank concentrates more than 80% of its commercial network, with local banking status. Unicaja Banco only operates in Spain and has a nationwide presence in the country with more than 1,000 branches, and some 6,200 employees, together with a solid base of more than three million clients. Characterized by its model of universal banking aimed at retail businesses, where innovation and digital transformation is a top priority, Unicaja Banco includes technology that improves service for the client and efficiency of the bank.

Adapting to customer needs

To meet the new customer demands and transform the branch experience, Unicaja Banco decided to implement a queue management solution from Qmatic to improve its in-branch customer service, reorganize its workflows create an optimized customer journey. By investing in the customer experience, the Bank wanted to empower its customers to always be informed of wait times and when they could be served. The solution Unicaja Baco required had to be able to carry out these functions and enable bank managers to monitor the service situation at all times.

A redefined in-branch experience

Following an analysis of the Unicaja Banco’s objectives and needs, the decision was made to install Qmatic Solo, a cost-effective, scalable, stand-alone system that organizes queues and provides valuable management information. This queue management system features self-service kiosks used in the welcome or reception areas, as well as multimedia monitors to keep customers in the lobbies or waiting areas informed by showing them where they are in the waiting process at any given time. This way the Bank can create a better customer flow, while lowering the perceived wait time at its offices.

Following the implementation of Qmatic Solo, the Bank was now able allow customers to effortlessly get in line at its branches. The only thing that customers need to do upon arrival is to select the service on the touchscreen and issue a ticket. And by connecting its digital signage to the queue management system, the bank’s monitors keep customers well-informed of current wait times, reducing the overall level of customer uncertainty and stress. And with up-to-date reports and insights, management is always aware of the customer flow, which types of services are requested, current wait times, making it easy for Unicaja Banco to continuously improve its customer service.

“Thanks to Qmatic solutions, we have successfully optimized waiting times and kept our customers informed at all times”

Ángel María Vicente Martín, Business Development and Marketing Director, Unicaja Banco