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New Mexico MVD - halves waiting times, attains 95% customer satisfaction

The MVD operates the largest retail operation in New Mexico – with a total of 91 state, municipal, and private MVD offices, 400-plus partner organizations, and a growing online presence for service deliveries to the motoring public. The New Mexico MVD processes 2.5 million transactions annually and generates USD 350 million in annual revenue that’s used to fund roadways and a wide range of public safety benefits for New Mexicans.

The MVD’s main mission is to register, title, and license commercial and non-commercial drivers, vehicles, and boats. The organization is responsible for assuring compliance with the motor vehicle code and for providing safety and governance for the New Mexico motoring public.

Long wait times and outdated queue system

Not long ago, the Carlsbad, New Mexico MVD branch, was a nightmare. Residents often waited in line for hours only to learn that they lacked necessary paperwork or a required form of payment. The long wait times and confusion were partly due to a 25-year-old, first-in, first-out customer service kiosk and computer hardware system.

To add to the poor setup, managers at headquarters had no accurate way of tracking staff productivity levels, which resulted in skewed results, low accountability, and lower staff efficiency. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez quickly recognized the state’s need to implement a modern customer service and information system.

The MVD needed to reduce overall field office wait times by creating specific customer service waiting lines. Express lines could direct customers with faster requests to one line, while customers with complicated transactions could be directed to more experienced agents, which allows for faster customer service. The MVD also needed an accurate staff tracking and analysis system to improve internal operations while providing efficient, direct customer service. And Governor Martinez wanted a customer service solution that would allow customers to rate their experience during their visit – enabling managers to immediately deal with service issues onsite.

Customer Journey Management from Qmatic

Governor Martinez implemented a real-time Qmatic customer service, satisfaction, and tracking system to overhaul the outdated MVD setup across New Mexico. Now, customized kiosks walk customers through needed steps – automatically placing them in virtual waiting lines. Customers now relax comfortably after choosing their service from the kiosk. Citizens with more complex service requests are directed to specialized service agents, which alleviates bottlenecks. Additional informational and directional displays keep waiting customers informed of average wait times and provide clear directions for where to go and when.


Most customers visit the nearest MVD when they’re passing by, but it’s also possible to book appointments via the internet. The online appointment scheduling application sends out an email confirmation with a barcode which the customer can use to check-in/arrive at the kiosk at the MVD office of their choice. Customers appreciate this control over their services, and the MVD can implement a better, more unified service process.

Arrival at the MVD

When visitors arrive at an MVD branch, they turn to customized kiosks that walk them through the required steps – automatically placing them in specific service categories. Those with more complex service requests are directed to specialized service agents, which alleviates bottlenecks. Visitors may select among five buttons such as one that indicates to hosts at the office that the visitor might need to do some paperwork or fill out forms before being called to a service. The visitor may then be placed in a service category for a specific host, who checks that all documentation is in place – and after that, in line for the available expert who will provide the required services. Once entered into the Qmatic system, tickets are issued that confirms that the customer is in the process of being served. The Qmatic system begins tracking customers (i) across various service categories (e.g., for express or specialized service requests) and (ii) throughout the service process. The system automatically records necessary services and prioritizes each customer – based on the required services.


MVD customers’ waiting times fall into two categories: actual and perceived. The perceived element determines how customers judge MVD’s service. Delivering useful, enjoyable messages while they wait has a dramatic effect on perceived waiting time – even better when the messages are relevant to services that they need. Delivering the right messages to waiting customers can also shorten transaction times, because they can be better informed when they arrive for service and thus ask fewer questions. At the MVD, informational and directional displays keep waiting customers informed of average wait times and provide clear direction for where to go and when. They also show relevant information, such as lists of services, and they can display live television or recorded material. When a customer field agent becomes available, and a customer is called for service, the system simultaneously displays the customer’s identifier on LED screens placed throughout the waiting areas and above the door where the customer is directed. Giving customers clear direction has the benefit of reducing hesitation and helps accelerate the process. People like to know where they’re going, and they appreciate clear information, which adds to the experience.

“I’m thrilled that this cutting-edge system was implemented as a model of customer service”

Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico


A customer is called to an agent who is specialized in the types of requested services. This now means that more elaborate services are processed swiftly. Because the system alerts agents to what service is required, they can ensure that they have all relevant documentation in place before the service process starts. This speeds up the serving process and gives the customer positive feelings, namely, “I’m being treated by people who know me and understand my needs.”


MVD’s system contains a one-of-a-kind customer feedback unit that includes five buttons with various satisfaction levels. When customers rank their service experiences, feedback is instantly emailed and texted to management, which allows managers to take immediate action and address unsatisfactory ranking with the customer while on the premises.

This gives MVDs instant control over the situation and allows them to further demonstrate how seriously they take customer service. Standardized Qmatic system tracking, analyzing, and reporting provides HQ with (i) accurate views of statewide, field-office productivity and waiting times and (ii) support material for dealing with quality and accountability issues. Tracking helps identify agents who need additional training or agents who do exceptionally well – while helping field offices prioritize service delivery that’s based on staff strength and customer need.

“We used to use surveys to track customer satisfaction, but we couldn’t act on the data we collected. Now we can act immediately. Only 1% of our clients state that the service they get is unacceptable. And it’s those folks we focus on. When we get such a signal, a manager immediately tries to get out to the front office to start a conversation while the person is still on the premises – thus learning more about the encountered problems.”

Mark Williams, Director New Mexico MVD


At the MVD, personnel can now make informed decisions about customer service procedures for appointment scheduling, peak service windows, and customer service efficiency. These data provide insight into daily operations and supply necessary, tangible information for making functional improvements, scheduling staff effectively, and defending staffing and budgetary requests.

Waiting times reduced by 50%

“Now customer feedback is more than 95% positive with only 1% being poor or unacceptable. In some offices, waiting time was cut by more than 50%. For improving customer outcomes with responsive, effective services and a commitment to excellence, the New Mexico MVD received a Performance Excellence Award from Quality New Mexico, a non-profit organization that recognizes quality in business, education, and government across the state. “I’m thrilled that this cutting-edge system was implemented as a model of customer service across all industries,” said Governor Martinez. “This will provide immediate feedback from customers – positive or negative – and will serve as a key management tool for improving overall customer service and operational efficiencies.” Qmatic’s highly versatile system, which integrates technological advances and innovations, is revolutionizing the MVD’s customer service operation for New Mexico’s motoring public.