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Groupama Reduced its Wait Times by 40% Using Qmatic Orchestra

13 million customers, 34,000 employees, 130 years of history in 11 countries worldwide. This is Groupama Group, a major insurance group, which originated in France and whose aim is to help its customers at key moments in their lives, using highly specialized skills and experience.

Groupama's Italian subsidiary, Groupama Assicurazioni wanted to provide its customers with a better organized, more satisfying and more engaging experience. As Bisogno, Claims Area Manager at Groupama Assicurazioni, explained, “Customers arriving at the branch had to wait to sign up in a register, manually entering data, taking a corresponding number for a given department and waiting their turn. The claims area is divided into three floors, each housing a specific department. For this reason, the paper system for receiving and directing customers was inefficient and laborious.“

Groupama is a company which pays a great deal of attention to its customers‘ needs,“ Bisogno continued, “To improve the experience at the Claims Settlement Centre, we therefore turned to Qmatic, a company that specializes in the Customer Experience.“ To effectively connect Groupama customers with the correct services, the Claims Settlement Center implemented Qmatic Orchestra, a platform that manages all contact points with the customer in an organic, flexible and personalized way.

A redefined journey

With Orchestra, the visitors start their journey at Groupama Assicurazioni by checking in at Qmatic's self-service kiosk where the customer can select the relevant department in a swift and intuitive manner. The check-in counter also has displays showing relevant information about waiting times and directions (Wayfinding).

During the waiting period, at each point of contact, Groupama Insurance continues communicating with customers, showing them videos, images and specific marketing messages via all of the available devices (display, monitors, touch screens, etc.). Branch managers can create and update their own media using a special playlist configuration screen.

Through the Business Configuration system, Orchestra manages the user flow according to an automated procedure, optimizing the performance of its advisors who can then work at a suitable speed. At the same time, operators use a monitoring screen to view information about the flow of users in the queue. In short, whereas before they were "passively submitting to" the flow of customers, they now have full control over the situation.

The Business Intelligence module provides three different levels of data analysis for management: KPIs updated in real-time, office performance analysis over a longer period of time, and a comparative analysis based on a "what if" scenario. 

With Qmatic Orchestra, Groupama has cut its user registration time by 40%, regained full control over all points of contact with customers, regulated the user flow via an automatic system and thereby improved the organization of labor for its employees. For Groupama Insurance, Qmatic Orchestra is both a marketing tool with the use of digital signage and a performance analysis tool. These functions are essential for identifying any corrective measures that may need to be taken and engaging customers in an increasingly effective way. “We will be extending Orchestra to other branches,“ continued Bisogno. “The customer remains our priority, so we plan to expand our platform soon by adding a pre-appointment calendar.“

“With Business Intelligence we have full control over the situation”

Sandro Bisogno, Claims Area Manager, Groupama Assicurazioni

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