Bankia Introduces Agile Customer Service

Bankia has since its foundation in 2010 focused its business model around three key aspects, customer centricity, segmentation, and multichannel distribution. It is about putting customers at the center by offering them the best service that steadily improves in quality and adapts to demand. Today, almost eight million people are Bankia customers where the bank provides a network of 2,275 branches throughout Spain and a network of ATMs with 5,361 terminals.

In 2013, Bankia decided to meet one of the major needs of its banking customers: accessibility, giving both, customers and noncustomers, the option of going to the bank outside regular opening times and providing them with great service.


With the introduction of its new of retail banking concept Bankia Ágiles (agile), the bank allow customers and non-customers to pay bills and make transfers during hours that are different from other banks’. The Bankia Ágiles branch offices are open from 8:15 a.m. until 6 p.m. and as their name suggests, these branches need to be Ágiles (agile), and the challenge was to provide fast and satisfactory service for customers.


Qmatic performed an audit to identify the project’s true scope and needs and determine Bankia’s expectations. Using the results of the audit, Qmatic suggested its Qmatic Solo platform and self-service kiosks together with business intelligence to compile and analyze customer data in order to improve service and the customer experience in the foreseeable future.


“The essence of this project was to create and offer the right customer experience. Qmatic’s tools have enabled us to monitor these aspects,” asserts Sergio de Miguel, director of Bankia’s Oficinas Ágiles network.

From the customer’s point of view: the system keeps them informed of the waiting time, so that they can spend this time relaxing in the waiting area. And from the bank’s point of view: the Qmatic system allows it to actively manage workflow and waiting times, which results in better service and shorter waiting times. “The average waiting time in the sector is eight minutes, but in the Ágiles offices, the average is only three minutes, which means we can confidently say the service we provide is both fast and efficient,“ states de Miguel.

Qmatic tools enable us to obtain extremely useful information, and we have reached our primary goal of providing a satisfactory customer experience. It is very important for us to measure waiting and service times as well as the number of customers we receive on a daily basis.

Sergio de Miguel, Director of Oficinas Ágiles network, Bankia

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