Mobile Ticket by Text: Allow customers to join a queue via SMS

Blog title: Introducing Mobile Ticket by Text: Allow customers to join a queue via text

Kim Wechana |March 9 2023 4 min

At Qmatic, we're continuously looking for ways to improve how customers connect to different services to make the customer journey seamless and friction-free. Customers want to be empowered and have to possibility to choose between multiple options when joining a queue for different services. We've offered several ways to do so, using a self-service kiosk, Mobile Ticket, or staff member - to name a few. And today, we're announcing a new way to help your customers enter a queue via text message with Mobile Ticket by Text. 


With Mobile Ticket by Text, organizations can now offer customers text message queuing. It's quick, easy, convenient to use, and something that's been requested by our clients. So how does it work? Customers simply send a text message to a designated number to join a queue. They then pick the service they wish to get in line for and receive real-time status updates on their place in the queue. This way, customers can wait wherever they want without the need to stand in a designated line or sit in a congested waiting area. Another benefit is that customers that wish to wait virtually don’t need to have access to the internet or have a smartphone to do so. It's available for everyone, everywhere.

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Mobile Ticket by Text uses Qmatic Messaging Services. A robust platform that ensures optimized delivery rates and performance, so you don't have to worry about if the SMS reaches your customer or ends up as spam. Mobile Ticket by Text can also be integrated with Mobile Ticket. This allows you to send a text message link to customers with your Mobile Ticket URL for added features such as the possibility to delay visits, attend virtual meetings, provide feedback, and more. 


A few months ago, Mobile Ticket by Text was successfully implemented by one of the top 10 biggest retail companies in the U.S. with a great response. And now that it's official, we look forward to sharing it with other clients in the U.S. 


Feature Highlights

  • Easy to join a virtual queue via text message
  • Robust platform for optimized delivery rates
  • Ability to integrate with Mobile Ticket for added features
  • Straightforward to set up and cost-efficient to operate
  • Support for third-party SMS provider
  • Designated number for customers to join the queue



Mobile Ticket by Text is available today in the U.S. It’s available for clients running on Qmatic Orchestra (7.3 and later), Qmatic Cloud Solutions, and Qmatic Experience Cloud. For availability in other regions, please reach out to Kim Wechana, Product Manager at, for more information.


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To learn more about Mobile Ticket by Text, please contact one of our sales representatives.


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